Health benefits of a massage

Do you suffer from chronic pain? You may benefit from massage therapy.

If you haven’t read my post yet about my very first massage you must do so. It was an incredible experience and I can feel the benefit of it just after one session. One common question many people ask is it worth the high price tag? The answer yes they are. Massages can have multiple benefits on your body, and mind.

Alleviate lower back pain and improve your range of motion – Your range of motion is when you move your arms (and legs) back and forth. Those who have trouble moving these ligaments can improve their range by relaxation and simple exercise.

Assist in short & easier labors for moms – Expectant moms tend to have easier and short labor due to the massage getting your muscles ready for labor. When you deliver you use your entire body and can it be a long, and stressful process. Also, expectant mothers tend to have a shorter hospital stay and lesser complications.

An alternative to medication and chemical dependence – Prescription medications can be costly and sometimes have alternative motives than the actual benefit of the medication. Also, prolonged use of medication leads to chemical dependency and often times it simply “stops” working. Massages work 100% of the time.

Enhance your immunity to illnesses – Massages increase your lymph flow which is your body’s natural defense system.

Reach muscles exercising and stretching can’t – Massage therapy can reach muscles you can’t reach and get “under” the muscle and release the tension on your muscles and joints.

Help recover after surgery – When you’re laid up for a long time getting up and using those muscles can be difficult massage helps stimulate your muscles and makes physical therapy easier. Those who use massage therapy after surgery see less scar tissue, promote tissue regeneration and improve circulation.

Suffer from spasm, cramping or just tired muscles? – Massages relax and soften tightened and overused muscles

Reduce physical pain – Release endorphins that help fight pain naturally; with that being frequent migraine sufferers can find natural relief from migraines.

Reduce anxiety and depression – Massage therapy helps you relax and stay relax in high-stress situations

Improve sleep quality & improve energy – When you sleep well you have more energy to do the things you want to do. You can also focus clearly, feel less fatigued and improve circulation all over.

Has excellent health benefits – Improves your physiological and mental/neurological health. Those who suffer from mental health issues lack the chemical that helps keep the brain feeling “happy”. Endorphins are known as the “happy’ chemical which can help stimulate that chemical imbalance in the brain. Massage can help those with arthritis, asthma and menstrual cramping.

Your body is an important part of your health without it you can’t function. While diet and exercise can help increase your health benefits, massage therapy can help you relax and relieve chronic pain. When you feel better, you look better. I do understand that sometimes a treat may not always be in your budget, however; there are many ways you can help “afford” those massages.

See your doctor – Talk to your doctor about your health concerns and see if you’re a candidate for frequent massage therapy. Remember that massages can be an alternative to prescription medications and sadly; may be cheaper.

Get a prescription – If your doctor decides you’re a candidate for massage therapy get a script. With this, you can take the prescription to a doctor’s office or health spa. Your insurance MAY cover the cost fully or partially.

Take advantage of those FSA benefits – Your insurance may have a flexible spending account that may help you save money on health-related products and services.

Become a member – Become a member of the spa and take advantage of savings by getting members-only discounts. Members can save anywhere between $20 and $100 on the EACH session by becoming a member.

Visit less often – Unfortunately, if you can’t or already taken advantage of the options above you may have to visit less often than you need. That just means you need to take advantage of your time wisely and focus more on your problem areas. If you can’t visit semi-weekly, or monthly consider a longer session time to help with lost time.

Seek deals on certificates and gift cards – You can save a lot of money by buying a discount on massage services from websites like Living Social and Groupon. Especially around the holidays and parental holidays, spas offer a discounted rate for their services to increase business.

Do your research! – Before you step a foot in any place read up about the doctor, or place by reading online reviews. Read reviews by different people, around different time frames to get the best feel; and read more than 2! Some people may be impartial in their review, or just downright mean because of one just one, single experience. If you can read more into that user’s profile, you can gather a lot about a person by the type of reviews they write. There are just some people who are out there to write bad reviews even if they never been there. A clear sign is writing a review for a place they don’t even live; sometimes people do write a review while they are vacation.

Don’t forget to visit beforehand, sometimes you can get a feel about a place by the atmosphere of the facility. If you don’t feel comfortable when you walk in, chances are you won’t when you’re there for your service. Also, check into their license, make sure your therapist and facility are legally licensed. Going to a facility or person who’s not can be hazardous to your body as they don’t know what they are doing and improperly massaging your muscles can be dangerous. A good and real massage won’t be painful.

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