Do Something Nice for Your Aging Parents

Five things you can do for your aging parents that they will appreciate

Your parents have given you the best they had. They spent years making sure you were fed, clothed and had the necessities of life. They taught you right from wrong and how to be a decent and upstanding citizen. When your parents begin to age, it can be hard on them, but there are several things you could do to show them your appreciation and give them a lift.

Hire a Housekeeper

Even if your folks are capable of cleaning their home, or you occasionally visit with a dust cloth in hand, a good white-glove cleaning can lift their spirits and give them a fresh start. Whether you hire a one-time service or arrange a monthly or weekly cleaning to keep on top of things, it is a gift sure to be appreciated.

Fix Things Up

A leaking faucet, a squeaky floorboard, or a broken light fixture can all be upsetting to seniors. If you are unable to take care of it or you live far away, why not hire a handyman for a day to fix all their woes? If you are looking for a handyman for a few home improvement projects Boerne Texas has some great ones that could help you out.

Plant a Garden

A pretty garden can lift spirits and its fragrance is inviting to humans as well as hummingbirds and butterflies. Plant an area near the entry or back patio where they can visit with friends or relax in the glow of a sunset. Choose perennials where possible, and stagger the plants so that they bloom in succession, keeping something in bloom all season.

Paint a Room

If your parent’s living room is dingy and dated, paint the walls in a fresh new color palette for them. Choose a soft relaxing shade or choose a brighter tone to add energy to the room. Add a couple of new throw pillows and some new curtains to refresh the whole room.

Send in a Meal

Your parents may not be ready for meals on wheels, but who wouldn’t appreciate a night off from cooking once in a while? With all of the restaurant delivery services available, you can be sure to find a favorite meal to have delivered hot and ready to eat.

All of these tips are great ways to show your appreciation and concern for your parents. If you live in the area, you may choose to do some of them yourself, but if not you can find most of these services for hire in your parent’s town.

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