A unique way to say boo for less than $15!

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary, make your own decorative mesh wreath for less than $15!

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Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores to shop for just about everything from food to holiday decor DollarTree.com, offers a wide variety of products that fit every budget and definitely doesn’t look like it cost a buck.

One of my favorite things to make from the dollar store is decorative mesh wreaths. I am slightly obsessed with them you could say. I’ve made one for every holiday thus far and I think my Halloween one is my favorite so far!

I created my Halloween deco-mesh wreath for less than $15 and a few hours of my time. What I love about creating my own wreath is I can really do whatever I want with it. Sometimes I draw inspiration from other Dollar Tree DIYers and sometimes I just go from scratch from what I can find in the stores.

For this DIY you’ll spend less than $15 to create this look. You’ll need:

1 14″ wire wreath ring
2 rolls of 9ft Halloween wire ribbon
2 rolls each of orange, black and purple decorative mesh
2 sets of string Halloween lights
1 sign of your choice
1 package of pipe cleaners

Additional items you’ll need:

Something to hang it on the door (I use baker’s twine) or wreath holder
Ruler (optional)
Screwdriver (for lights)
Clothespins (for mesh)
Hot Glue or E600

Total project cost: $14

Once you’ve gathered all your supplies together I start by adding the pipe cleaners to your wreath ring, Each section I add 8 pipe cleaners, the more you add the more fuller your wreath will look. Just keep in mind if you add more you’ll need more mesh and pipe cleaners. Start by taking the pipe cleaner and add it to the ring.

I start in the middle section (of the four sections) and twist the pipe cleaner around to secure it to the ring. This is how you’re going to add the mesh to the wreath. Many people use floral wire or zip ties but I think pipe cleaners are the easiest and cheapest method.

Once you’ve got your base together you can start cutting your mesh. If you’re lucky enough to have a craft mat you can use your rotary knife and cut your pieces. I cut mine 6 inches but since I don’t have a craft mat I manually measure.

If you’re doing 8 bunches per one section you’re going to need 42 pieces per color. This is where the clothespins come in at, I use them to roll the mesh. You can roll your mesh as open or as tight as you want, just keep in mind when your unclip them they are going to unroll a bit. Rolling them in advance saves you time and gives you a free hand if you’re solo.

Bunch orange, purple and black in no particular order. Use the open end of the pipe cleaner and put the bunch in and twist it to close. Then take the two ends and loop it through the back of the wreath. This will hide the pipe cleaner and don’t worry if you see the pipe cleaner when you’re done you can fluff it if you need to.

Continue until you add all the mesh to the ring. Cut the first ribbon 6 to 12 inches long, then cut the second color smaller than the first. To get the open look bend the ribbon at the end of cut a triangle out. I add a pipe cleaner at the end of each section and bunch the ribbon at the end and secure it on. Then open it and adjust as desired.

After you’ve added your ribbon now it’s time to add your lights. I choose the skeletons and the bat lights, you will need 2 AA batteries for each set of lights. String the lights on in place of where you want them on your wreath and add the battery pack to the back of the wreath. Glue the lights down to ensure they stay in place.

Now it’s time to add your sign I cut the string and from the pumpkin attachment and thread a pipe cleaner through the hole and add in the middle of the wreath. Add some glue to the ends so that it stays in place. If you’re going to hang it on your door and you already have a hook use a piece of ribbon, string, yarn, or tulle to hang. Now your wreath is ready for display on your door or window.


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