DIY Five Nights At Freddy’s Puppet/Marionette Costume

Is your kid a fan of FNAF? Check out this easy do-it-yourself costume tutorial!

The Puppet (or marionette) is a character from the Five Nights at Freddy’s game franchise. Appearing in game 2, this animatronic is different than the rest. Its white face features black hollow eyes, red rosy cheeks and purple stripes that stretch from the bottom of its eyes to the top of its mouth. A strip of red is painted above its mouth to give an appearance of lips.




With that being said, you don’t need too many materials to make this costume some of which you may already have in your home.

For the body you’ll need:


Long back sleeved shirt
Black pants or leggings
3 large white buttons
White ribbon
Fabric glue

For the mask you’ll need:

Felt in four colors; purple, red, white and black
Foam; white with a stick back
Fabric Glue
Craft Knife

Start with the shirt, position the buttons in place towards the middle of the body. Space each button accordingly in a line down the middle of the shirt. Sew on with black (or white) thread; black will make the buttons pop more and give it a more authentic look.

Once you’ve sewed on the button you can work on the stripping. There are several different ways you can do this; you can cut the ribbon to match the length of the arms/legs. You can do this a no-sew way and glue the ribbon on with fabric glue.

*Tip: when using fabric glue make sure to use a cup inside the sleeves and pant legs so when you’re adding the ribbon doesn’t make these areas too tight to get on/off. I learned this the hard way. You could also sew it on or use one of the alternative methods below.

You could also use white masking tape on the arms and legs by creating three strips at the bottom and top of the legs. You could also use black and white striped leg warmers on the legs and arms or fingerless gloves for the hands. Repeat the stripping on the pants/leggings at the bottom. Once you’ve done that you’ve completed the costume all but the mask.

Print out the marionette mask template it should be large enough to cover your face but may need to re-size if necessary. You’ll want to cut out the outline with scissors and trace the outline on the white foam and felt. This is the base of your mask.

After you’ve made the head shape you’ll want to start cutting out all the other pieces to make the mask; use a craft knife to carefully cut out the eyes, cheeks, mouth, lips, tears, and chin; this will be your guide to creating the face.

Take your template cut out and trace it on the coordinating pieces of felt:

Tears: Purple
Cheeks, Lips & Chin: Red
Mouth: Black

Once out each piece and glue on in the position to the mask, you can use the cut out as a template to get an idea where each piece goes. It doesn’t have to be exact but close to is fine; now you can attach the foam to the back of the mask and cut out the eyepieces. The stick back will help it stick the felt without any glue. Sew on the edges for a more secure feature, then you can add the elastic so it stays on their head.

Now, for the mouth, you could just glue it onto the mask or you could cut it out and add something sheer like black pantyhose over the face and eyes to give the hollow effect. You could also just leave it open and add makeup to your face. The total cost of the costume cost me less than $30 and I bought everything for this project. Overall, this an easy costume that anyone can do that requires minimal to no sewing and is a very low budget costume idea.

Do you celebrate Halloween? Do you dress up? Tell us what you or your children are dressing up for Halloween and don’t forget to share your DIY costume tips in the comments section below!


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