DIY Mickey Mouse Chain Ribbon

Create a simple Mickey Mouse Chain within minutes to show your Disney Side!

Another custom decoration I created for my #DisneySide party was these cute Mickey Mouse chain ribbons. It only takes a few minutes to make and only takes a few materials that you already have in your house.

What You Need:

*Construction Paper (In red, black and yellow)
*Shot Glass (To trace the ears silly)


Use your ruler to make strips; I got about 5 strips per paper. Decide how long you want your chain to be. Mine was about 6 set length; do this for each color.

Coordinate the colors; black, red, yellow and glue the chains together in sequence.

To create the ears I found a shot size glass bottom was best to make the ears. Cut them out, and fold them a little bit to attach to the blockchain.

Continue to complete; this makes a great addition to your Disney party, a countdown to your Disney vacation or another special event.

This chain ribbon makes an excellent decoration for your Disney party and is simple enough to get the kids involved too! Let us know what you think and share it with fun and easy decorating.

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