Detecting and Controlling Mold in Your Home

Whether you live in the grandest mansion or the humblest apartment, you might face an issue with mold. This is especially problematic in Brevard County where the humidity tends to be high. Mold can easily creep into your house and is often difficult to detect. These spores can even cause health issues. Here are some facts about mold that every property owner should know.

How To Detect Mold in Your Home

Mold is sometimes easy to detect. You see that black patch of fungus growing on your white walls and know you have an issue. In many cases, however, mold can go unnoticed. It can hide in air ducts, in untraveled areas of your house, or in carpet padding. Have you had a water leak? Have you noticed a mildewy smell in your house? Are you concerned about the high humidity? If so, consider finding a professional who does mold cleanup Brevard County.

How Mold Can Impact Your Health

The effects of mold on your health are usually not too severe, but it’s important you know what the risks are. Irritation in your lungs, throat, nose, and eyes are all potential effects of exposure. This can be amplified for people who have a sensitivity or are allergic to mold spores. By being aware of common symptoms, you will be better able to watch out for health issues with your family.

How To Control Mold in Your House

If you’re concerned about mold in your home, here are some ways to control its growth:

  • Fix leaks in your plumbing, roof, and windows as soon as you notice them.
  • Control the level of humidity in your house with a dehumidifier.
  • Install exhaust fans in your bathrooms and laundry room to control condensation.
  • Do a thorough cleaning job if you have leaks or flooding in your house.

Get professional assistance if you are not sure how to keep mold under control or how to remove it. Depending on the type of mold, taking care of it yourself may not be an option.

How To Prevent Mold Growth

While controlling mold is important, working to prevent it in the first place is a good idea. Helpful ideas include making sure you have plenty of ventilation, using mold-inhibiting additives in paint, and using a dehumidifier.

Mold is tricky because it often creeps into your home unnoticed. Once inside, it can be tempting to put off addressing it. To protect your family’s health and your property, watch out for mold and take care of it as soon as it presents in your house.


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