DIY Mickey Mouse Wreath

This Mickey Mouse themed wreath makes the perfect decoration for your Disney themed party!

If you’re looking for a fun and mouse-tastic way to show off party spirit and say the ”party’s here!” this wreath is for you! I was looking for a way to show some mouse spirit and if you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ve learned about my wreath obsession so I HAD to make a wreath for my party. This wreath has some fun to your door or wall and fits into your party theme.

Materials Needed:

1 15” Styrofoam Ring (or 12” I don’t remember the actual size)
2x 5” Styrofoam Ring
2x Black Tulle
1x Red Tulle
White Felt
Scissors or Rotary Cutter
Rubber Bands
Cardboard flap (From a box lid)
(Optional) Pink Tulle (If doing Minnie)

*You will need LOTS of tulle especially in black so I highly suggest ordering large rolls.

Step One: Grab a box and cut off the box lid flap and measure it to 13”. I found a diaper box lid was a perfect size. The reason for this is to help you easily cut all those pieces of tulle in bunches.

Once you’ve done this, the lid will serve as a base to hold your tulle together as you prepare to cut.

Step Two: Wrap your tulle around the lid, go over as many times as you want. I suggest not doing the whole roll at once because the thicker it is the harder it will be to cut. You can do this as many times as needed, I used about 120 (or more) sq ft of black tulle to finish the body and ears. Do this for each color.

Step Three: Now comes the tedious part of wrapping the ring; I suggest having a helper or do this over a course of a few days because it does take a long time especially if you’re doing it by yourself. Start with ears first (the smaller rings).

Take a piece of tulle long ways and fold it in half once, this will help you wrap it around the ring. Take one end and put the ring and tie it on. I suggest tieing it twice to ensure it’s secure, continue doing this until the ring is covered. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look like it’s getting covered, while tulle is thin and see-through once you’re covered the ring completely any spots showing will hide the ring.

Step Four: Now it’s time for the larger ringer. I suggest taking a marker or marking the bottom half with the colored tulle to show where you want the red (or pink) color to be. The bottom will be the mouse’s dress/pants. Continue doing what you did in step three until you’ve covered the ring in the desired colors.

Step Five: Now that your ring is mouse-ified, you can start decorating it and adding the ears to the larger ring. Take the felt trace circles for the dots; you can do this twice for Mickey or as many times as you want for Minnie, a glass will make perfect circles. Glue them on.

Step Six: Now position where you want the ears (small rings) in position to the body (large ring). Take your extra black tulle and wrap it the larger ring and the smaller ring and keep going. You will end up using a lot of tulle here to secure it but it works better than using zip ties (and I tried it!). Keep going until it starts to feel tight. Once you’ve felt it’s tight enough cut and tie it. Continue to do the same thing for the other ear. Using the black makes it less noticeable, you can use more tulle to make a hook to hang it on your door (or wall). Just wrap some around it, cut and tie.

Once you’re done you’ll have a fun and cool party decoration that will surely wow your guests. This project is a bit lengthy and does take a bit of time to make but you will save money in comparison to have someone else make it for you.

Total Materials Cost: $40 (give or take on the size of rings used, sales and items needed.)

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