Create a household binder with Tidy Lady Printables

Create your own Household Binder with Tidy Lady Printables!

Amber is the woman behind TidyLadyPrintables; she is also the blogger at She loves being neat and organized and opened up her Etsy Shop to help everyone become organized as well! She contacted me in hopes of me conducting a review of her printables and I said: “heck yeah!” It was perfect time too because I was actually looking to make my own “Household Binder”

I love printables and the best of all these printables are totally editable! There are tons of printables available in The Tidy Lady Printables shop to create your own Household Binder; if you just want a certain section or want them all! The shop prices are completely affordable at any price range compared to other shops selling these for a lot more. Below are some of the options you can find at her shop:

• 2 Different binder cover sets
• Meal Pack
• Shopping Pack
• Chore Chart
• Blogger
• Inventory
• Meal Planning
• Budget
• Calendar/Planner
• Health & Wellness
• WonderMom

Once you purchase your printables you can print out whatever pages you want. You don’t have to worry about using all your ink either as there’s not a lot of colors as if you’re printing a full-size picture. I printed up about 50-70 pages (and somehow some extras) and I only used maybe if half a cartridge. You could always print them up at a printing store as well but who wants to pay someone when you can print at home! You could also add text into the pages and print them out so you have all your information on your papers.

The How-To:

So, you want to create your own Household Binder and become organized? I have just the solution for you. I will show you how you can make your own household planner and give you my review of my favorite printables to make your own. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own binder:

• Binder about 1 ½ in binder works perfectly but again it depends on how many printables you’re going to be using
• 50 (or so) page products
• Tab dividers
• Your printables from Tidy Lady Printables Etsy Shop (Available for purchase here)
• A dry-erase marker (for making changes/updates etc)
• (And of course) your computer and printer

Once you purchase your printables you can print them out and organize them however way you want. I have mine organized starting with planning; family info, contacts, home/car info and blogging. Just add your printed pages in the page protectors and organize! This binder would be perfect to hold all your important information and keep it accessible for a babysitter, grandparents, and dad (because they can never find anything right?) Update as often as possible and you can always add more in or take out less whenever needed. It’s great to have all your family’s information close by especially in case of an emergency.


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