• Detecting and Controlling Mold in Your Home

    Whether you live in the grandest mansion or the humblest apartment, you might face an issue with mold. This is especially problematic in Brevard County where the humidity tends to be high. Mold can easily creep into your house and is often difficult to detect. These spores can even cause health issues. Here are some facts about mold that every property owner should know. How To Detect Mold in Your Home Mold is sometimes easy to detect. You see that black patch of fungus growing on your white walls and know you have an issue. In many cases, however, mold can go unnoticed. It can hide in air ducts, in…

  • Six Baby Shark toys that you must have!

    Do you have a little one obsessed with Baby Shark? There are now Baby Shark toys! Mayhem & MotherhoodHi there! I’m Jacqueline Diaz, the voice behind Mayhem & Motherhood and the mother of five wonderful children. I enjoy sharing my passion and knowledge about a wide variety of topics such as home management, crafts, to parenting and beyond. I am passionate to help you achieve even a little bit of sanity in the chaos we call life. themayhemandmotherhood.com