DIY Mickey Mouse Ears

Planning a Mickey or Minnie themed party? These headband ears will surely be a hit!

Mickey Mouse is one of the most iconic character’s out there and everyone knows who he is. So when I hosted our Disney Kids party I wanted everyone to feel like a mouse with these cute and so easy to make mouse ears.

Materials needed:

Headbands (Preferably black)
Black Stiffened Felt
Paper and a Cup
Glue Gun and Sticks
Silver Permanent Marker
Bows or Ribbon (Optional)

If you are unable to find black headbands (I got mine at the craft store) you can take some black ribbon and wrap your headbands in black then you can continue to step one.

Step One: Take a glass of the desired size and trace the ring around it on the paper, this will give us an even shape for the ears. Do this twice under each other giving some room to make a flap. We want to fold it over and make an ear form using the outline. Feel free to mess with as you try, this will save you time before cutting if you can fold it over evenly (or even semi-evenly) it will work.

Step Two: Take the outline and cut it out, this will be used as the base for the ears. Trace it on them as many times as needed. You will need two connecting circles per headband.

Step Three: Plot out where you’re going to glue the ears and use the flap to hold the glue and adhere to the headband. If you use a glue gun you may have to hold it for a few minutes to secure it in place. Continue with steps 2 and 3 until you’ve created all the headbands.

Step Four: (Optional): If you want to make a few girl ones you can easily add a bow between the ears and glue it to make Minnie Mouse ears. You could take an existing bow or make your own with ribbon. I choose not to make any Minnie ones since I only have one girl.

Once you’ve done this you’re ready to party your cute little tails off!

Total Project Cost: Around $10 for a set of 8

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