Clean with just water with e-cloth!

Clean the greener way; with just water and e-cloth!

**Disclosure: I received the following products in order to facilitate an honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed are solely my own, I’d personally only recommend products I’d personally use.**

Aimed at the eco-friendly market e-cloth provides the most effective, healthiest and environmentally friendly cleaning products at a good value to the average consumer. High-performance cleaning with a wide variety of products without chemicals is a must-have for anyone who’s looking to lead the green lifestyle.


When I first heard about e-cloth I was intrigued, I never heard of a product that requires no use of chemicals to clean with. Naturally, I was skeptical at first but when these bad boys arrive I was super excited to get them a try. The kitchen pack includes a kitchen cloth and a window & polishing cloth for cleaning windows, glass, and polishing. My FAVORITE is the kitchen cloth; I love the little scrubber in the corner you can easily slip a few fingers in there to scrub tough to reach areas, grout or dishes.

I use mine to clean literally everything in my kitchen; the counters, walls, appliances and so much more. It really does get everything clean and makes it sparkle with cleanliness without the harsh chemicals. Microfiber is known for its soft, but powerful cleaning power and e-cloth makes it 100 times better with just water.

Microfiber is super absorbent you can get the whole cloth wet and clean until your heart’s desire (or maybe bedtime!). Simply rinse when needed and re-ring; you can also wash your clothes over and over. No more expensive cleaning products to buy and best of it removes 99% of bacteria from hard surfaces with just water.

The next item in this AWESOME pack is a window and polishing cloth; for windows/glass, it is super amazing! It leaves your windows clean and with NO streaks I was thoroughly impressed. Having a large dog and it being summer the doors and windows are opened more so can you imagine how smudged and foggy my windows and doors get when he watches out for other dogs. No matter how many times I clean it always ends up dirty again, but with the polishing and window cloth I can just add a little water to the cloth and wipe away.

Getting back to the kitchen…dish duty can really suck especially when you have a large family. We just FINALLY got our dishwasher fixed (yay!) but for messy and larger dishes the Washing Up Pad is perfect for scrubbing off stuck-on food on pots, pans, bakeware and so much more.

I love using it to clean up messy dishes from baking brownies, cakes and lasagna! It gets all the gunk off pots and pans easily without scratching. This is perfect for pots, pans, and regular daily dishes. When you’re done simply toss in the laundry and wash for next use.

I highly recommend e-cloth to be included in your cleaning arsenal if you’re looking for a chemical-free method of cleaning. Save time, and money by going green with e-cloth! To learn more about e-cloth products and to purchase your own amazing eco-friendly cleaning cloths that require NO chemicals, please visit the e-cloth website here.

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