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Now of days there’s a subscription service for about everything and with FilterEasy you can have your air filters for your furnace, vents and air conditioner delivered right to your house just in time for a replacement. FilterEasy makes it easy to have clean and healthy air in your home which over time will save you on operating costs.

As a busy mom, changing my air filter isn’t always on the top of my cleaning list but, as spring is coming now is the time to change your filter after a long and cold winter. You would be amazed at how much dirt, hair, and allergens your filter can catch; so it’s important to change your filters regularly to keep your home having fresh, clean air and reduce your heating and cooling bills because your furnace or a/c doesn’t have to work as hard.

One thing I always make sure is to change our filters every season especially in the spring when allergies start to pop up. I used to never have allergies but now that I’ve gotten older lots of different things have started to bother me so it’s essential to change my filter every 3 months or as needed. One thing I love about Second Nature is I never have to worry about forgetting to change my filter ever again. Every three months a new filter shows up at my door saying “It’s time to change me!”

Second Nature has many different filter sizes and option that fits all types of appliances so you can find the perfect size. Their best-selling filter is the Micro Allergen Filter which a step up from their Lite Allergen filter by filtering the air further to allow better airflow. In addition to improving your airflow, your filter will filter out some common allergens such as pollen, dust, pet dander and virus. This filter is also a great option for those who like in an area where there’s a lot of smog or smokers who smoke in their homes. According to the EPA (Environmental Protective Association) with regular maintenance of your air filtration system, you can save up to 10% on your energy bills. Who can’t use additional savings on your utility bills!?

What makes Second Nature so much better is it is designed for the busy homeowner to tend to forget about the most important part of your home. Not to mention take the time to go to the store and look at the endless selection of filters hoping to find one in the size you need. So this service is perfect for busy moms like me so I don’t have to drag my kids out to the store and purchase a filter. Not to mention you’ll save time and money by subscribing and if you order the wrong size, your filter gets lost or damaged they will return it for FREE! You’ll breathe easy with a satisfaction guarantee. Best of all this service is affordable on any budget with filter starting at $15.

It’s super easy to find the right filter for you, Second Nature offers three different filters based on your needs. Lite Allergen, Micro Allergen, and Super Allergen; the Lite version filters out basic allergens while keeping your air fresh and offering a higher airflow. The Micro Allergen like what I described above is one of the more popular options because it does everything that the Lite version does but offers a filtration from smoke and smog. Their highest grade option is the Super Allergen is their most powerful filter option it does everything the above two does but also filters out lead dust, oil smoke, and microscopic allergens while providing the highest quality of airflow.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give a new homeowner consider giving them a FilterEasy subscription! I can guarantee that a new homeowner won’t even know they need to change their air filter at one point during their first year and a subscription to this service would one less thing for them to worry about. Another great gift idea is for new parents what better gift than to give clean air to the tired new parents and their precious little one. So, don’t let dirty air bog you down save time and money on your energy bills with one simple switch that doesn’t involve you giving up any extras. Not sure if FilterEasy is for you? Feel free to learn more about Second Nature by visiting their website or giving them a try!


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