DIY No Sew Blanket

DIY No Sew Blanket

Looking for a fun, and unique gift idea for an upcoming graduation, birthday party or wedding? Create a no-sew blanket for less than $20 and do it yourself! I love no-sew blankets they are fun and are a creative way to do something. There are tons of no-sew kits out there but what do you do when there’s not a kit with your favorite design? Make it yourself and I will show you how.

Materials Needed:
1-3 ft of fabric (Print) Fleece
1-3 ft of fabric (Solid color) Fleece


Measure both pieces of fabric to the desired length; cut off the excess
Lay the pattern side upside down and place the solid side on top of it.
Cut 5″ squares at each corner; discard the squares (Can be adjusted)
Then cut stripes; 5 inches to the length of the squares (Can be adjusted)
Knot the two strips together (double knotting is best to prevent unraveling in the wash.

There you go! You have a custom, homemade blanket to gift or keep. These are great for kids who love certain characters but you can’t find an already made blanket for them.

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