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Blood donation drops nearly 20% in the summer. Learn how you can help right now!

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Too often we hear the excuse “I’m too busy” or “I’m just one person, how can I make a difference?” When it comes to blood donation, everyone makes an impact.

One common myth is that giving blood is a lengthy process, which couldn’t be further than the truth. The actual blood donation process takes less than 10 minutes to complete, and with your one pint of blood you can save up to three lives!

This process only takes a little bit of your time and will make a major impact on the patients who need your blood to stay alive. You could easily do this on your lunch break and feel good about helping others in the process. You can donate blood every fifty-six days or up to six times a year.

The need for donated blood grows in the summertime. As we hit the half-year mark, hospitals and blood bank supplies diminish substantially. Donation drops in the summer because there’s not a major emphasis on donating during this time of the year. However, the need for donations is constant.

In the U.S., every two seconds someone needs a blood transfusion of donated blood and one of every seven newly-admitted hospital patients needs a blood transfusion. With your donation of just one pint of blood, you can save up three lives. It gives you good vibes knowing you’re doing good just by taking a few minutes of your time to help others.

Another common misconception is that accident victims make up the majority of the individuals who receive blood transfusions, which isn’t true at all. The majority of donated blood is used for individuals who are undergoing cardiovascular or orthopedic surgeries, organ and marrow transplants, cancer patients and those who are being treated by hereditary blood disorders.

There is also a great need for donated plasma. Plasma offers the same life-saving effects as blood but contains important proteins and nutrients to treat severe burn victims, trauma patients, organ transplant patients, those with blood clotting disorders, and premature infants. Another beneficial and crucial donation is platelets, which help treat cancer patients and those who are undergoing other special treatments. Platelets are always in great demand because they have a shelf life of only five days.
I can not stress enough the importance of donating blood all year round, and not just during a specific time or major disaster. Make a difference today!

How can YOU get involved? Find out at to request more information or RSVP to donate. Together, we can save lives one person at a time.

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