Promoting a healthy bedtime routine in children

If you’re struggling to get your school-aged children to bed this a must-read!

If you’re a busy mom with multiple children the back to school time can be a hectic time to get children adjusted to the new schedule. However, getting the kids adjusted to their new sleep schedule is both beneficial to both the child/ren and their parents.

7 Tips To A Better Bedtime:

Set a family sleep schedule 

Having the whole family on a special sleep schedule is extremely helpful in getting kids to go to bed and stay in bed. Kids won’t want to go to bed if mom and dad are downstairs watching TV or if their little sister is up and running around. Now, I’m not saying mom and dad HAVE to go to sleep at 9 pm but if the kids *think* you’re sleeping they will go to sleep too. It is important for all children regardless of age have a set bedtime to ensure they are getting enough sleep to be productive.

Routine & Consistency

Set a bedtime routine and stick to it! Having a schedule is extremely important to help kids get in the structure of bedtime. Doctors believe that children should limit their use of technology before bedtime as the light on tablets, cell phones, TV’s and gaming consoles can stimulate their brain and keep it “up”. I know that seems hard but it’s important to follow this suggest a “quiet time” activity like coloring, drawing, r reading to wind down for bed.

Meals, drinks, and snacks

Have dinner a regular time each night and avoid eating dinner really late especially before bedtime. Eating too late at night makes them feel full and sluggish food needs time to digest and by sleeping right after you’ll burn off all those calories from the meal leaving you feeling hungry. Children should avoid caffeine in general but if your child does have it they should avoid it up to six hours before bedtime to avoid overstimulation. Also, give your child a snack before bedtime along with a drink to avoid up and downs for food and drink.

Proper sleep environment 

Having a proper sleep environment is extremely beneficial for getting kids to sleep early. Let your child pick their own bedding and room decor I highly suggest getting blinds AND curtains for bedrooms, blackout curtains especially since they will block any street lights and noise coming from the outside. Let them pick out their own PJs to ensure they are dressed comfortably, also remove any stuffed animals and extra pillows from the bed for added comfort.

Relaxing bedtime activity

Start a relaxing bedtime activity two hours before bedtime. We mentioned it above briefly but having soothing activities will allow their brain to wind down such as playing with toys, coloring, reading, etc.

Be on the lookout for sleep problems

If it seems like nothing works or your child won’t fall asleep without the TV, lights or music on you may have a sleep issue. Discuss it with your child’s doctor to see what options are available to your family and work together to find the best option.

Have a consistent wake-up time 

Set a regular wake up time and stick to it, once the kids learn it they may start waking themselves up. Be sure to give your kids enough time to wake up, get ready, eat, and do any last-minute prep.



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