Finding Hope Through Spirituality

No doubt you or someone you care about has struggled or is now struggling with depression, anxiety or high levels of stress. The problems of our modern world can drain people of both energy and hope. Counseling has never been more varied, self-help books abound, and medication may also play a role in some cases. But there is a not-so-new idea that is helping many people deal with their emotional struggles. That idea is spirituality.

Spirituality Versus Religion

Spirituality differs from organized religion – it comes from inside a person and what they themselves believe. While a religious person may also be said to be spiritual, a spiritual person is not necessarily religious, although both religion and spirituality can be very beneficial.

Organized religion can include any of hundreds of churches such as Catholicism, Baptists, Lutherans, Jews, and Mormons, for example. Spirituality, however, may be nurtured in such places as scripture study, talk with a spiritual leader or even inspirational faith-based blogs such as The Way International. Connecting the soul with things that offer hope and faith can go a long way toward helping people cope with some of the other mental and emotional difficulties they may experience.

Scriptural Inspiration

People can get quite a lift from reading out of the scriptures – whichever book that may be. There is much to read about overcoming difficulties and enduring hardships. There are many examples of people understanding the depth of God’s love for them and his infinite mercy. Applying that in your own life can mean a lot if you are struggling to find self-worth and meaning in life.

Prayer and Meditation

For those who do not have experience with prayer or have never taken it seriously, it can be a life-giving practice. Learning about and developing a personal relationship with God can open the doors of understanding and provide personal guidance that can help direct your life toward a more positive outcome. Many people find they are lifted emotionally when they turn to share their fears and frustrations through prayer. Pondering and allowing yourself to open up to Heaven’s inspiration can be a personally meaningful experience.


Forgiveness is a much-mistaken concept. You don’t forgive to make that person feel better – Forgiving is a way of regaining control of yourself, rather than allowing that person to continue to influence your actions or determine who you are. It is a very personally freeing act that allows you to recognize and act on your own feelings. That does not mean they need to be your best friend. You can still choose who it is right for you to be around, but your mind and heart can be freed from the burden of pain.

Spirituality may not be a new concept, but it is definitely one worth revisiting. It can add depth to your character that may give you more strength when you face hard things and more joy when positive moments come along. It may help heal heartbreak and open your heart to gratitude and sharing yourself with others.


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