Eight ways to save on baby needs

Expecting? Check out these tips to save on your new bundle of joy!

Having a baby can be costly, let alone all the things that you “need” to make your life simpler. There are some ways to cut costs and get what you truly need but if you must have the “must-haves” here are some ways to save on baby items.

Expect to make sacrifices before you’re even pregnant – Before you decide to get pregnant find out if you can financially afford a baby; I know there might be surprises that happen but you may need to rearrange your budget and give up some extras. Do you really need that expensive gym membership? Can you cut the cable?

There are many other important decisions to decide once you’re actually pregnant, how are you going to feed the baby? Will you need child care? Are you going to use cloth diapers or disposables? Will you make your own baby food? It’s a good idea to have a plan AND a backup plan in case it doesn’t even well. Not every mom can breastfeed, or your child might have a bad reaction to disposable diapers. If you know other moms ask their opinions and get them from both sides; this can help you if you are indecisive about something.

Plan a baby shower –  If you’re a first-time mom ask for or plan a baby shower, but don’t expect to receive everything you want or need. It’s best to register for the small things for guests and leave the bigger items up to yourselves or grandparents. Most people don’t have extra money for extra purchases, so registering for the small things will help you get some things you’ve never thought you’d like but will secretly love (hello bottle warmer!). Don’t forget to register at stores like Target, Walmart, and even Amazon; many places will give you a gift card if you just register at their store and some might even give you a gift card when your registry is completed.

Don’t forget when registering add diapers and wipes and add bigger sizes as well because they grow so fast! Even if you plan on using more eco-friendly items add those to the list as well. If you can’t afford a new crib right away or grandma can’t help consider a store that has a layaway option that allows you to pay over time. This way you save time, space and money.

Consider going used – Buying or borrowing used items can help you save on costly baby items; most likely you have a friend or family member who has a baby who’s grown past that stage. Ask friends and family if you can borrow their items; almost always they will say yes (because it takes up SO much space!) but be leery of recalled items. Before you buy or borrow check the product if it has any recalls or any damage from storage.

If your buying used be sure to check out the seller before you buy and always check the item out in person; if you’re worried about buying used look for people who live in nicer areas. I know it’s people profiling but these people tend to take better care of their items and often times will let them go for way less than they paid for them.

Don’t forget when your getting certain items like high chairs, strollers, etc ask for the owners manual, but if you don’t get one you can always look it up online and print it if necessary. You can pretty much buy everything used except for a few items that shouldn’t ever be used, and you can read about that in this post here. You should NEVER buy a used car seat or crib; crib standards changed in the last five years so the sale of drop-side cribs is strictly prohibited.

Don’t forget to check out second-hand children resale stores, Craiglist, eBay and Facebook groups for great deals on baby and kid items. Sellers are usually motivated to sell because baby things take up lots of usable space. Also, remember that babies do not know if he/she has brand new clothes or the latest swing; they grow so quickly in the first year you’ll quickly realize how silly it was to spend so much money on something they wore once (if that).

Host a baby swap – If you have friends who are expecting or are already mom’s host a swap. You could do these many different ways; you could host a clothing swap and swap out clothing for the opposite gender. Friends are almost always willing to help each other out. If you don’t have many friends who are parents gather co-workers, or even your neighbors and host a swap. This is a good way to trade unused items you no longer want, and save on on the items you really want, plus it gives you a chance to socialize.

Use coupons, shop sales and use promo codes – There’s always baby sales going on especially in the early spring and summer many stores like Target will give you an incentive if you spend a certain amount like a gift card or a percentage off your purchase. Even if you save a few dollars it will benefit you in the long run, and don’t forget to check your favorite stores for clearance items! These are my favorite because you can get something for a great price and if you can use a coupon on it it’s like a double score.

Buy in Bulk – Buying in bulk can be a way to save money on items you’ll be using the most (like diapers, wipes, and formula) by buying in bulk it will give you more value for your money and lasts a lot longer. Most wholesale clubs do have an annual cost but will defiantly be worth the investment; even if you have a friend or family member you can tag along to one of these stores would be a huge benefit. Some clubs even allow you to use coupons so that’s another way to save money on your purchase. Don’t forget Amazon, as an Amazon Prime member you can become an Amazon Mom and save up to 20% off monthly diaper purchases and delivered to your home in 2 days or less.

Don’t forget about renting – Many places in major cities allow out of town guests to rent baby items for a certain length of time for a nominal cost. This may be an option if you live in a major city and are tight on space. However, the downside to renting is you may spend the same amount to rent as it would cost to buy the actual item. While it’s not best for a long-term solution it could be a good way to save for the future.

Breastfeeding? Rent the pump and save! – Breast pumps can cost upwards to $300, you can rent a breast pump from your local pharmacy, WIC clinic or hospital for next to nothing (sometimes your insurance will even cover it!) Breast pump accessories can be costly and have to be replaced after each child so save time and money by renting.

Once you become a mommy if you plan on more children I highly suggest keeping all your baby items if you can. This will help you save money when you have another child and almost everything can be used again with the exception of recalled items. If you can’t store your items a great idea is to sell them quickly and set the money aside for the new baby.

Do you have any advice for new moms? What additional ways have you saved on baby items? Feel free to leave a comment below and share.

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