Don’t be the missing link, donate blood today!

Can you think of a word without using an A, B, or O?

**Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of Blood Systems. All opinions expressed are solely my own.**

The letters A and O are one of the most commonly used letters used in the English language, especially in names. In fact, I can’t spell any of my children’s names without an A or O but what makes the letters so important? Blood donation. Blood donations of A, B, AB, and O are always in high demand and especially as summertime peaks, these demands are even higher. Summertime is everyone’s favorite time of the year, the weather is warm, the sun is out, and there’s lots of time spent at the pool or beach. You may be off on your next adventure but one item on your summer bucket list doesn’t seem as obvious…blood donation.

In the summer blood donation drops about 20% and donations of A, B, AB, and O blood are always in need. Did you know that every two seconds someone needs a blood transfusion of donated blood? As summer hits, hospital and blood bank supplies diminish substantially. One reason why donations drop in the summertime is that it is not top of the mind for most people. However, donating during this time of the year is the most important because the need for blood donation is constant, for all blood types.

Best of all, you donate blood up to six times a year and it only takes a little bit of your time. How can I help? Add one more item to your summer to-do list that doesn’t cost a thing but your time and can impact the lives of up to three people. So plant to make a difference during the Missing Type week by visiting the website here to sign up today and they can assist you in how and where you can make your donation. Together, we can help impact the lives of the individuals in our community because you never know when you or someone you love may need donated blood.


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