24 things you can throw away right now!

Spring cleaning is right around the corner, get a jump start with this helpful post and FREE printable!

For many of us who’s spend the last new months deep under the freezing cold and snow, one thing we’re starting to look forward to is springtime. The springtime is a great time to open your windows and let in the fresh air after a long, hard, winter (us northerners understand). Besides rain showers and slightly warmer weather springtime is also known for one notorious thing….spring cleaning.

After back to back holidays and a long winter spring cleaning is usually very much needed. While deep cleaning your home is always a good idea, another way to conquer the battle of clutter is to purge while you’re cleaning. We’ve come up with a list of 24 things you can toss without guilt.

Ready to see what you can toss out right now? Grab our FREE 24 Things You Can Toss Printable file to print and keep reading to find out more!

24 items you can toss without guilt

  • Mail
  • Magazines
  • Broken Items
  • Expired Foods & Medications
  • Paint
  • Incomplete Items
  • Product Manuals (These are available online!)
  • Unidenfyiable Keys
  • Old Electronics Plugs
  • Wire Hangers (They suck, get velvet!)
  • Fast Food Condiments (If you must keep some, get rid of extras)
  • Junk Kids Meal or Party Favor Toys
  • Scratched Non-Stick Pans (Not good for your health!)
  • Missing or Damaged Shoes
  • Towels With Holes (Re-use if possible)
  • Old Sports or Work Uniforms
  • Duplicate and Crappy Photos (Yes, I am talking about that one you have a picture of your foot!)
  • School and College Textbooks (Re-sell when applicable, donate when can be re-used and toss when can’t.)
  • Old Cleaning and Lawncare Products
  • Plastic Store Bags

We stuck with items you should be able to easily toss without much thought; like broken items and missing pieces. Most of the items on this list can be tossed into the regular or recycle trash bin, however; some items like paints, eyeglasses, and e-waste have to been recycled properly to prevent corrosion of toxic waste in landfills. Check out this post to read more.

Did any items make our list that surprised you? Any items we missed that we should add? Let us know in the comments section below and tell us your biggest spring cleaning struggle.

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