Six Baby Shark toys that you must have!

Do you have a little one obsessed with Baby Shark? There are now Baby Shark toys!

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Everyone and their grandma have heard the Baby Shark song by now and if you’re a parent you’ve probably heard it one too many times I know I have and my kids are not little! What better way to keep your little one happy while annoying the crap out of mom and dad than with baby shark toys!

Yes, there are now baby shark toys, books, and more. I know what you’re thinking, no that baby shark crap again and trust me I’ve gone through this myself. I can’t even begin to count on two hands how many times I heard the “finger family” song. (See what I did there? LOL :-p) but usually, it doesn’t last long so why not spoil them with fun toys?

Sound Book

The Baby Shark Sound Book is filled with colorful illustrations with press-and-play buttons that play ten sing-a-long songs that kids love. Each book is tailor-made for small child hands and features a sidebar with a child-friendly grip. The built-in speaker provides 150% fuller, richer sound and included are two AAA batteries that are securely placed under the over. Ready to purchase this? Grab it now from Amazon!

Sound PuzzleThick, wooden puzzle pieces trigger the popular Baby Shark song featuring the entire shark family; mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, and baby. This fun puzzle is a great way for children to learn shape and sound recognition. The puzzle soundboard includes five shark-shaped puzzle pieces but does require two AAA batteries which are not included. Ready to purchase? Grab it now from Amazon!

Singing Baby Shark PlushThis adorably soft baby shark sings the popular song. Simply press it and it will play the song up to 3,000 times! The baby shark is super cute and makes a great gift for little ones. It comes with a battery, however, it is irreplaceable. Ready to order? Grab it now from Amazon!

Shark Family Cube Singing Plush







These adorable stackable soft plushes are available in your three favorite characters from the globally hit song! Squeeze the shark to hear the song, with long-life batteries it will withstand constant replays (better than having to give up your phone all the time right?) These sharks are 3x3x3.5 which is the perfect size for little ones you’ll want to collect baby, mommy, and daddy shark! Ready to order? You can order Baby SharkDaddy Shark, or Mommy Shark all from Amazon!

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