Jackpot Candles

What will your jackpot be worth? Find your worth with Jackpot Candles!

Jackpot Candles offer you a scent experience even after the flame has burned out. Jackpot Candles are made with 100% natural soy and create an a long-lasting flame that fills your home with amazing scents. They are made with the best environmentally friend materials and have bold and distinctive scents that will transform your home into the ultimate relaxation spa.

The amazing scents are only one part of the experience, each candle contains a foil wrap jewelry item that you select; each piece is valued between $15 and $5,000! Each candle is 100% handmade here in the US and they make a candle fitting your scent selection. You can enjoy your jewelry long after your candle has burned down. Jackpot candles make the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays or even a treat. It’s the only candle that gives you the choice of what item you want. Jackpot candles; it’s like hitting the jackpot each time.

I love candles and scents, I like finding new scents and trying them out. It’s been a long while since I lit a candle and I was so excited when I was contacted by Jackpot Candles to do a review. Jackpot Candles are a little different than those “other” jewelry in candle products. With Jackpot Candles, YOU actually get to choose what you want to find in your candle. When you first choose your scent, you can choose which item you want to get in your candle. You can choose from a ring (in your size), earrings or a necklace.

Each candle creates a long-lasting scent that fills your home with a luscious smell. You can feel safe knowing your candle is made with environmentally friendly products and made from 100% natural soy. The only hard part about burning your Jackpot candle is waiting for the wax to melt down to see your prize. This can be a daunting task; it’s like waiting for Christmas morning to come.


Once you start to see that bright colored foil you know your jackpot is about to come! What will you find inside? Will it be something you will adore for ages? Wonder how much your piece is worth? Check out the appraisal page to find out! I choose the necklace for my candle along with the Vanilla Cupcake scent; I bake a LOT of cupcakes and it smells true to the scent. I burned my candle eagerly to see what my piece of jewelry I believe it only took me three separate burns to get to my piece but…I like to start digging for it…I am like a kid on Christmas morning. I see the presents but I can open them yet.


In my candle I found a beautiful blue heart-shaped necklace, I appraised my piece and it’s valued at $24.99, it is simply beautiful and would make a great necklace wear at the holidays or around the house. I think my next scent will be a spring/summer-ry because we could all use a little summer all year long right?

You can purchase your Jackpot Candle in a vast variety of scents for $24.95 via their website at Jackpot Candles. Once you burned your candle you can come back to the appraisal page to find out how much your piece is worth. Be sure to like Jackpot Candles on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for occasional updates, giveaways and more



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  • Nancy Loring

    I would choose the Lilac scent. I have lilac bushes in front of my house and when the lilacs bloom spring is really here. The smell of lilacs is all around. They don’t last for very long so this candle would remind me of them.

  • kelly tupick

    My favorite scent would be the Ocean Breeze scent. I love the beaches and the oceans and anything that will bring that scent to my home is very relaxing for me.

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