{Recipe!} Patty Melt!

Ever wonder how to make a patty melt? You now can know and pst it’s easy too!

You can easily make a patty melt with many items you may already have in your house. I love patty melts and anytime I head out to Denny’s I always order one even though it’s not on the menu the gooey cheesy goodness of a melt is so delicious and very simple to make.

What You Need:

Ground Meat
Bread (I use Pepperidge Farms Hearty White bread)
Cheese (I used swiss)
Thousand’s Island Dressing
Salt, pepper, butter, and w sauce

Make your melt

These directions can be modified to any preference.


Step 1: Assemble your patties; add salt, pepper and w sauce to the meat; and mix.
Step 2: Cut your onion to your preferences
Step 3: Add your onions to a pan with butter; cook til brown
Step 4: Make the patties and fry; add butter (or cooking spray) to coat the pan
Step 5: Take your bread and coat it with the dressing; add the cheese
Step 6: Once your patties are cooked use another pan with butter and assemble your sandwich; patty, cheese, and onions. Add the bottom slice to the pan as well.
Step 7: Brown the bread and toast both sides of the bread; top off the second piece of bread and remove from heat. Slide and enjoy!

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