Ranch Parmesan Chicken Recipe

A delicious and easy dinner with a few simple ingredients!

Ranch Parmesan Chicken is a favorite here among the adults; we love making this quick and easy recipe. It will quickly become a favorite in your house too!

Ranch Parmesan Chicken


Chicken Breasts; Split

3/4 C. Parmesan Cheese

1/2 C. Butter (Melted)

1 C (or packet) of Ranch Dressing

1 C. Bread Crumbs or Corn Flakes (Optional)



Pre-Heat the over to 350

Cut your chicken breasts into thin pieces if too large

Melt 1/2 c of butter using the microwave; set aside

Add 3/4 c of Parmesan cheese and 1 packet (or cup) of ranch dressing and mix together

Add your corn flakes/bread crumbs to a bowl and crush if necessary

Set both the butter and the ranch/cheese mix next to each other

Dip your chicken in the butter; be sure to coat each side.

Next, dip your moist chicken to the ranch mixture

Optional, then coat your chicken with bread crumbs/corn flakes

Add to pan; do this for each piece of chicken.

Cook chicken at 350 for 40 – 45 minutes; turning occasionally

Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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