Teach your baby learn sign language!

Teach your baby to sign with Baby Sign Language!

**Disclosure: I received a kit at no cost in hopes of obtaining an honest review. All opinions expressed are those of my own and may differ from those of your own. No compensation was received as a result of this publication.**


Baby Sign Language is a fundamental skill for teaching infants and toddlers early communication skills. Started by two parents who taught their own children these simple signs when they were infants thought why not all parents are able to easily communicate with their young children.

Teaching your baby to sign is a beneficial tool in early communication with your little one. Since babies and early toddlers cannot talk and can not express their needs and wants verbally; it’s important to have some easy signs to keep the lines of communication opened. Back when my second son was 3; he was diagnosed with a speech delay and they used baby sign language to teach him simple terms like more, eat, mom etc.

It was a blessing just to see him sign those simple ones and make things easier for us to understand. Nothing is more frustrating not knowing what your child needs or wants. I really wished this amazing program was around when he was younger because it would have been a great tool to help him communicate while he worked on his speech.


For the purpose of this review, I received the Baby Sign Language Deluxe Kit which includes; their flashcard set, a wall chart, a dictionary and a helpful parent guide. Everything is bright and colorful which will get a baby’s attention to learn. This set is an excellent tool in teaching your little one’s sign language; the younger the better and faster they will pick up on it. I did this with my older children and it took them a little while to pick it up but the visual cues are helpful for both the child and parent.

The wall chart is great for adding to the fridge to teach your little one a new sign. I like that the chart folds out and is easily collapsible; there are two signs on each panel. It boosts key signs such as; mom, dad grandma, dog, cat, milk, diaper, eats, all done, bed, bath etc.

The flash cards I have to say are my favorites. It teaches children more complex words that they may not always see as well as colors and numbers. The cards are large enough for a child to hold with a visual picture and word on the front and how to sign the word on the back. The cards are made from heavy stock so it’s durable for abuse from the little ones.

The Dictionary contains over 650 signs for every word they use in their system. Looking for a certain word? Use the dictionary to find it! Words are alphabetized so just look for the section and word you want. This book is perfect for reference or even to practice yourself when your little one is asleep.

Lastly, the teaching guide is for parents or caregivers that provides; tips, secrets, tools and helpful information to keep parents dedicated to the program. In chapter one, you can find helpful tips on how to get started with baby sign language and what benefits results from it.

Overall if you’re a parent to an infant, toddler or a child who is struggling with communication skills I highly suggest this system; it’s the best money you’ll ever spend for your child and you’ll reach so many benefits that will stick around with your child for a long time.

Right now the Baby Sign Language Deluxe system is on sale for $39.99 which is a saving of nearly $35, plus you’ll get free priority shipping with your purchase! This makes an excellent gift for a birthday, baby showers and even the holidays! Give your child or a child you love the gift of signing and communication with a family with Baby Sign Language! With a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you don’t love it send your kit back and you’ll get a refund no questions asked.

To learn more about Baby Sign Language or purchase your own sign language kit be sure to visit their website. They also have books and DVD’s to help add to your signing success! Don’t forget to stay up to date with Baby Sign Language on Facebook and Twitter and let them know I sent you on over. If you already own your own Baby Sign Language kit please leave them a review on their Facebook page and share it with all your mommy friends!

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