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SodaStream is the world’s largest manufacturer, distributor, and marketing of at home carbonation systems! SodaStream products are available in over 60,000 retail stores; from home and electrical stores to mass retailers in more than 45 countries! SodaStream allows consumers to be “Green” and conserve energy and recyclable materials from going into landfills, by requiring no real waste into the environment. They have been providing more than 100 flavors for every taste and SodaStream users have made more than 600 liters of soda a year becoming the fastest growing beverage company in the world!

I have wanted to try SodaStream for a really long time now ever since I’ve started seeing them on TV and blogs. I love the idea to create soda just from water making it a healthier alternative to high-calorie beverages. Now, I have had a chance to review one for myself I love it, I think it’s the best invention ever! No more having to buy several different types of drinks for parties again simply create your own drinks and save money! We love our pop (and yes I know it’s bad!) but with the SodaStream system, it allows us to make soda fast and easy. The system is quite easy to do once set up anyone can do it from the young to the old SodaStream gets the bubbles popping in an instant.

How does the SodaStream System work?


Like many, I wondered how truly easy to make soda. Here’s how to make your carbonated beverages fizz!

Simply fill your liter bottle to the line on the bottle.

Add the bottle to the machine by tilting in the button on the front allows you to screw on the bottle.

Then press the button on the top button slowly and gently; the pressure releases the carbonation to the bottle. Typical carbonation is three pumps but you can really use as many as you like.
Un-screw the bottle from the system the same way you put it on and decide what flavor you want.

Fill the cap with the syrup and slowly add it to the liter bottle; then screw on the cap and shake the bottle until desired.

Now you just made your soda!

There’s a TON of varieties of syrups you can use to create unique and healthy drinks; from colas to teas, energy drinks, flavored water, and happy hour drinks there’s something for everyone with SodaStream. Owning a SodaStream system allows consumers to save money on the purchase of soda which can cost as much as just 1 bottle of the SodaStream syrup and still doesn’t allow you to get much of options. It is really that easy to make soda drinks tastes just like they would out of a can or bottle without all the expense and waste.

I would recommend the SodaStream brand to anyone who’s looking for affordable soda taste without the waist! You can make a liter of flavored soda for less than $1! The SodaSteam system offers several different brands of drinks; I have tried the cola, root beer, pink lemonade, Kool-Aid and pink grapefruit. What I like about the syrups is that they really do taste like the other canned or bottled sodas at a fraction of the cost there are a few other syrups I would like to try as well including orange.

You can learn more about SodaStream and how they support the environment at their website here or Amazon. You can also purchase SodaStream systems via their website or at retailers worldwide. Be sure to follow SodaStream on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for product updates and more!

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