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Save your floors from pet mess with the Neater Feeder!

Neater Feeder is made by Neater Pet Brands, LLC and they are based in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Neater Feeder’s mission is to bring innovative products to the market that enhance pet ownership by making care of the pet easier, and positively impact your pet’s daily life. The President of Neater Feeder has had a long business career in a variety of field and thus the inspiration of his dog Duke is how the Neater Feeder was born!

We are pet lovers in our house at one point we had two dogs and a cat all under the same roof! We now currently have two dogs; a large dog who’s a German Shepard Mix named Sparky and a medium sized Schnauzer named David. Sparky can be a messy eater as being a large dog he can slop water and food all over the floor; we have wood floors and they can be slippery when wet! Have an explorative toddler doesn’t help with keeping food and water off the food either. However, with the Large Neater Feeder, it keeps the dog’s food and water off the floor but still in reach for both dogs to reach. The Large Neater Feeder works perfectly for both our dogs but it is a little stretch for my smaller dog. I love that it has legs so if you have a bigger dog you can extend it to their reach, the Neater Feeder also comes with two metal bowls do you don’t have to worry if your bowls are going to fit.

The Neater Feeder sits on a base that holds your pet’s bowls in place while catching an excess water through the holes. This is extremely useful if you have a dog who’s a sloppy eater (like mine!) I have to say since having my Neater Feeder I haven’t had to clean up a mess of dog food or water and is a must-have for any pet owner no matter the size of your pet! There are three sizes for dogs; small, medium and large which are all available with leg extensions (or without) for growing dogs. There’s also a Neater Feeder for your cat so they can have their food within reach. The small feeder is recommended for smaller dogs such as Yorkie and Chihuahua. Medium works best of Cocker Spaniel and Beagles. Large size works best for larger dogs such as German Shepard and Golden Retrievers.

You can purchase your Neater Feeder in your desired size online at the Neater Feeder website, select retailers nationwide or! I highly recommend visiting the Neater Feeder website or visiting a store to help select a size that works for you and your pet. You may visit the website here to find retailers near you many of which are pet stores so perfect for “trying” them out! Prices vary on size and the option of extensions which are very affordable ranging between, $35 to $60 which will save you time and money in the long run. You can learn more about the Neater Feeder, causes they support and their variety of product they offer by visiting their website here. Be sure to follow Neater Feeder on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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