Organizing your beauty stash

How I organize my makeup + a new way to move in major cities!

This year I decided it would be the year I get my house completely organized, and it’s going along well. I did a big organizational challenge at the beginning of the year, so that helped me take control of my clutter and free my house of all the excess stuff that I don’t need. I’ve also been letting go of things I thought I needed but really don’t.


Anyways, I’ve joined some organizing groups on Facebook and I heard of these drawers which are perfect for makeup especially! Unfortunately, I do not have that store in my area so I have to improvise, I saw at Michael’s had their Recollections storage on sale one week and I picked up my organizer for less than $40 (originally $80!) and it’s the best investment I purchased.


Before I had my makeup and other items stored in a storage container in my closet, it wasn’t cute nor practical. I have a LOT of makeup and I wanted a way to organize it and make it easy to see; I picked up some inexpensive plastic organizers at Walmart for less than $1 a set and some hang tags at Target for $3 to mark where which item is.


I then separated them into groups; some of my large containers I put things like eyeshadow palettes, and makeup removers, the longer ones for eyeliners, and brushes and the small rectangular ones for the foundation, and lipstick/glosses then organized them into groups as necessary. Now, when I open my drawers I can find what I need without having to dig around. I plan on adding some pull knobs to make the drawers easier to open.

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