Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast do you have plans yet?

I am not one who usually celebrates Valentine’s Day but it is always nice to get out and spend a little time alone with your sweetheart. This is why I love inexpensive dates because not only if they are budget-friendly,  but; you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy yourselves. With that being said I put together a list of 16 inexpensive date ideas that you could do at Valentine’s Day or even all year round to treat your sweetheart to a sweet treat that doesn’t break the bank.

  • Date Night In – A night romantic date is a great way to spend time as a couple for essentially free. If you have children you can ask grandma and grandpa to babysit for the night. Spend time in the kitchen by cooking a meal together and set the table to look like a nice romantic restaurant. Add a nice tablecloth and candles for a more romantic feel. Top the night off with a nice relaxing movie on the couch, followed by wine.
  • Artsy Fun – If you and your partner are more of the artist type consider a date at an art studio, pottery studio or even a fun night at home doing your favorite artistic activities. Not only you can have fun, and inexpensive dates you will create a fun memory (and hopefully artwork) that would be a beautiful piece in your home.
  • Spa Date – It’s no secret that women LOVE the spa or even a little pampering, but; a real trip to the spa can cost hundreds of dollars. Often times you can find gift certificates on websites like Living Social and Groupon for a fraction of what you’d actually pay. If not, create your own spa experience at home with facial masks and massages. She’ll love that you’re okay with getting pampered and taking the time to pamper her as well.
  • Recreate Your First Date – If you’ve been dating or married for a while taking a trip down memory lane by recreating your first date, or where you met. This is great to remember how you first met and relive all those fun times you spent together in the beginning. What comes to mind to me is in “The Parent Trap” when the twins create their parents’ first date in order to rekindle their relationship.
  • Get outdoors – For us who live up north, an outdoor date isn’t always realistic but even in the cold, you can have fun (think snowball fight if you have snow). It’s an excellent way to get out and breathe some fresh air and a little exercise without even knowing it.
  • Dinner & Movie – Dinner and a movie are one of my favorite date night ideas because it’s inexpensive and a great way to save money on expensive concession snacks without indulging. Movies are a great way to be alone and spend some time together while watching that must see a movie you’ve both been wanting to see.
  • Wine Tasting – Another great date night idea is attending a wine tasting event or vineyard. Often times you can have dinner while you taste new wines. Pick up a bottle of wine for your next date night while you’re there for next time!
  • Aquarium or Planetarium – What’s better than a night under the stars or a trip under the sea. The dim lighting gives it a more romantic feel and you can spend the night counting stars or fish.
  • Horseback Riding – If you are the more adventurous type a nice horseback ride across a beautiful landscape could be the perfect date night for you. Consider bringing a picnic lunch (or dinner) for an even more romantic date.
  • Hotel/Mini Vacation – A weekend at a plush hotel or a mini-vacation to a local area is a great idea of getting away without breaking the bank.
  • Show – Attending a small concert, comedy club, or improv night is a great way to spend time together and have a little laugh as well.
  • Gamer’s Night – If you’re both gamers, a gamers night is a great way to spend time together and check out that new game that just came out. Spending time with your partner doing something you both like is fun, but also make it a game. If one of you beat the other in a level have them do the dishes (or another chore)
  • Boat Ride – A boat ride is the ultimate romantic date. Even if it’s a nice trip across the lake, consider bringing a picnic lunch or dinner for a more romantic feel
  • Treasure Hunt – A fun treasure hunt is a fun way to have a little fun and surprise your sweetie with a gift. Whether it ends at someplace in your house or in town it’s sure to give your babe a fun and surprise twist.
  • Night With Friends – Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? Spending time with your significant other and spend time with your friends is a great way to catch up and have fun. It’s always better with another couple.

How do you plan on spending Valentine’s Day this year? Do you have any date ideas that didn’t make the list? Feel free to share in the comments below.


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