How to upholster chairs

Ever wonder how easy it is to make over fabric covered chairs? Find out!

Have dirty or ripped chairs? Re-cover them! This is a somewhat difficult skill depending on what you need to do. I had to replace the foam and everything on almost every chair so it took more work, time and money. Create a new look with new fabric, just recover and you’re done. If you have to replace the whole thing foam and all this is how to do it especially if you have webbing on your bottoms. I originally wrote this post a few years ago so please disregard the photo quality, my chairs were really bad from the kids and a cat we used to have.

Materials Needed:
*4 – 2” pre-cut foam tiles
*2-3 yards of elastic banding or chair webbing (I used elastic bands for underwear which was really stretchy)
*1.5 yards of foam
*4-6 yards of fabric
*Staple gun & staples
*Tacky glue
*Sharpie marker
*Knife or such cutting object

**You can tweak this suit your needs, you may not need as much or any of the above materials**

(Total project time 1-3 days depending on the amount of work you need to do)

1. Remove the chair bottoms from the chairs and remove present fabric and foam (if needed).
2. Once the fabric and foam are removed it’s time to add new foam; take the foam tiles and measure the inside of the chair with a sharpie marker.
3. Cut it out using a knife or such object; once you have it cut out to stick it in the middle of the webbing.
4. Take the elastic banding and staple them across the bottom.
5. Take your chair base and trace it on your yard of foam with a sharpie marker; then cut it out.
6. Going outside take the Tacky glue, chair base and foam with you. Put the chair on the ground and spray the glue on the foam adhere it to the chair bottom. Apply pressure or sit on it to ensure it is glued on.
7. Once your glue is dried take your fabric and cover the chair; using the staples staple across the length and tuck the edges to give the folded look.
8. Once the fabric is stapled and looks good apply the chair bottom back onto the chair using the screws to securely lock it into place.
9. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Total cost: $100-$300 (Depending on materials)

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