{DIY} Crayon Art

A unique and inexpensive piece of art all with a new item you may already have!

The crayon art is popping all over Pinterest and blogs everywhere. It is an inexpensive and easy project that anyone can do and make it unique wall art.

Materials Needed:

*Crayons (New crayons work best)
*Canvas Board
*Glue Gun
*Hair Dryer


(Prep Time: 10 minutes, total project time 30-45 minutes)


1. Gather all your supplies and decide how you’re going to do your art. Are you going to use certain colors or all the colors?

Note: Grays, blacks, browns, and white don’t work well for this project.

If you decide on using all the colors make sure you organize all the colors in the same hue dark to light and vice versa.

2. Take your crayons and glue them down on canvas board with the point pointing downward in desired order.

3. Once all crayons are glued and dried take your blow dryer and blow downwards on the crayons. This will give the oozing effect. Melt until the desired effect is accomplished.

Tip: Melt crayons at the top for a better ooze effect; otherwise you’ll get a splashing effect like mine did.

4. Let dry, apply wall hangings to hang on the wall and let the compliments begin!

Total Cost: $10-20+ (Depending on materials needed)

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