{DIY} How to add color to your keys!

Have too many keys and tired of trying each key just to open the door? Color coat them!

If your like everyone else we have a key for everything; your front door, the deadbolt, the back door, the garage, the safe and everything in between. With so many keys on your keychain, how do you remember which one is which? By color coating, your keys allow you simply remember which color key goes to which door/car etc. This project is simple and easy to do and if you’re a woman you already have everything you need!

Project List:

*Nail Polish (any brand/color works) (I used Essie)



Take your blank key a place it on a covered surface, and add your polish color of choice and paint it. Allow 10-20 minutes to completely dry. It takes a few coats of polish on each side to fully cover the opaqueness.


This project will look like the above picture. You can easily do this to almost any keys to easily remember which key goes to where. I painted the keys to my bedroom door and closet because apparently, the kids think it’s a play area in there. This project is perfect for little kids who are learning their colors or have to be home alone and can never remember which key goes to which door. Thanks to Pinterest for the project inspiration! Make sure you follow me on Pinterest to see more project ideas and other great things I have pinned!

*Project tip! – Add a clear top coat base to help better seal the paint from chipping off.

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