Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue Who’s Your Hero? #MiHeroeFavorito

Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue is soaring into stores on Blu Ray November 4th!


This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Disney Studios.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue is a high flying adventure that features a crew of skilled aircraft who’s dedicated to protecting the historic Piston Peak National Park from uncontrollable wildfire. When Dusty, the famous air racer, learns that he might never race again he moves his dedication to aerial firefighting. He joins the team of veteran firefighters as they work together to put out the massive fire and learn the true meaning of becoming a hero.

We all have a hero in our life that has made a positive impact on our lives. An everyday hero doesn’t have to have super powers, or wears a cape; they are humans just like you and me.

Someone who has made a positive impact on your life could be your abuelita, your madre, or an maestro . I have been blessed with the opportunity of having several heroes including my abuelita, madre and marido.


My abuelita as always had a positive impact on my life. She was the one person who never doubted me and was always there to help our family when we needed it the most. She came from an rico home but was never above to help her familia when they needed it (and boy we needed it a lot when I was younger). When my abuelita fell enfermos while on vacation, it became a serious health issue which lead her to be flown across the campo for emergency surgery. She ultimate survived but was still very enfermo and when my padre fallecido she was devastado as he was her only hijo. She was bendito to have lived an feliz life and fallecido peacefully.


Continuing, my madre is another hero I have that has overcome a lot of tragedias, especially with my padre passing. It was very sudden and tragico despite become widowed with a young son she worked hard to be both parents like many mujeres are. She proves that you don’t need a hombre to be a strong and influencial woman.


Lastly, my marido serves as my third heroe in my life. He has a big influencia in both mine and our children’s lives. He suffers from a genetic mutation that deteriorases his vision to mire shadows. Despite his lack of visual progresion he still remains hopeful and positivo that in the near future there will be a cure for his condition. He proves himself as heroe to his familia and those around him.

Children are much more observant than adults and more likely to be influenced by a family member or an educational instructor.

My daughter’s hero is her maestro, she helps her when she needs it. My nena wants to be an maestro when she grows up.

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