Did I accomplish my past resolutions?

Back at the end of 2017, I created a post sharing both my personal, and professional goals. I never got a chance to update these goals last year as I had a big change in my household that caused me to have regular absences over the past year and a half. However, now as we near the end of 2019, I wanted to give an update if I accomplished any of these goals for the last two years. So here we go…

Personal Goals:

Stop being scared – I need to learn to stop being afraid of the unknown and failure. While I think it’s natural to be afraid of what we can’t control we shouldn’t let it dictate our life. I need to get out there and get done what needs to be done and stop worrying about what I or others may think/react.

Update: I am not quite sure what I meant by this, I am thinking it is in reference to rebranding my blog and the creation of my Etsy shop. In which, I did BOTH of these things in 2019, and while I lacked the time and motivation to put forward enough effort to make them as successful as I wanted I did do both and had some success.

Focus on myself – This is the first year all the kids are in school and I don’t have to worry about anyone else during the day. I have the time to do whatever I want during the day and I need to learn to take care of myself first (of course after everyone else is taken care of). This means physically, mentally, and emotionally. Parenting changes us and makes us realize that there’s someone else more important than us, but; that doesn’t mean we should neglect ourselves in the process. Especially being a mom, if mom isn’t around everything falls apart so it’s important to be there both physically and mentally. I need to make sure I see the doctor annually, take medications when needed, and work on my physical health. This also includes taking the time to properly diet and exercise and maybe get that gym membership this year.

Update: Yeah…I didn’t do any of this. LOL. This year was the year I spent a lot of time focusing on the kid’s needs which lead me to put my own needs on the back burner as theirs were much more pressing than my own. 

Start a rainy day fund – I really want to start a rainy day fund for those uncontrollable situations, so we won’t have to go without something that is needed or crucial to living.

Update: I didn’t do this either, but I have to say my living situation improved greatly to where we were able to survive without it. Not that I am saying I do not still want to do this, just some things need to come together first before I am able to do so. 

Have a backup plan and utilize actions needed to take – Life can take you on some unexpected turns and if the worse happens it’s always a good idea of having a backup plan. I need to create a backup plan in case something happens this including things like moving expenses, where to go, cash to help with those expenses and what needs to be sold/given and taken with us if we need to move or sell things.

Update: It’s always a good idea to have a nest egg if need be. I think if something was to happen we should be okay. In 2019, we were able to purchase a house debt free which lifted a big burden off our shoulders and it gave us the ability to stay within the same city and school district we’re in and gives us much more space and fewer worries about major expenses (not that we won’t have them at some point) it’s just that they aren’t as much as they were. 

Declutter my house – Every year I participate in a decluttering event, this year I am doing it on the blog so all of you can follow along and get your own homes in order. This is my third year doing this and I’ve got rid of a LOT of clutter but there are still things that aren’t being used and spaces that aren’t being utilized in storage and organization. I plan on doing a big sweep through the main and top floor of the house including bedrooms and toy boxes, Toss things that no longer work or unfixable. Stop saving junk and possibly live a little more minimal, I would love to start organizing seasonal decorations in both the basement and garage. My goal is to create a plan for what needs to be done and start gathering materials and time to get started. I definitely plan on starting this right after the new year when I start to take down all the Christmas decorations.

Update: This one we did do and I say we accomplished it about maybe 80% or so…In July of this year, we moved, it took us about 5 or so trips and about 3-4 of those being full truck trips to move everything from our old house to our new house. Due to time restraints, we had literally only a weekend to do so you can imagine we were pressed. I think this made everyone realize exactly how much stuff we had and honestly, it made the process a LOT easier.

Create a weekly and monthly cleaning chart – I would like to create a cleaning chart so everyone can participate and know what needs to be done and when. Sadly, some “adults” in this house need to be told what to do like children so I’m hoping a cleaning chart is a way to do this. 

Update: Okay, don’t hurt me but I didn’t do this one either. LOL. I really need to start this and I am waiting for a deal on a laminator so I can make this sheet erasable. I do, however, have a small one for personal use that is in my planner if anything it makes me more organized as I am a list person.

Create a plan to pay off debt – Create a plan to pay off debt and know how long you can expect to pay it off in. Besides student loans and a small tax debt from a previous year, I have minimal credit card debt. I do pay a balance monthly and I pay more than the minimum payment. At the end of this year, I just inquired about an additional credit card to purchase something, while that balance is small compared to my other card I would like a plan to know how long it’s going to take to pay off each card and other debts. Ideas like payment amounts are also beneficial.

Update: I did get myself into a little bit of debt over the last year and a half and I am not very proud of that, however, I do have a plan to pay off or pay down some debt whenever I get some extra funds. Update 2: Mid April I was able to pay my looming credit card debt so that helped a lot. Next is paying student loans. 

Plan ahead – I want to start planning ahead for birthdays, Christmas and possibly a vacation. Purchase items a little at a time, to avoid overspending on holidays and birthdays. I get hit with birthdays in September/October/November, my birthday is in December and many birthdays in March as well. This accounts for all of my immediate family members; me, husband, grandma, uncle, and kids everyone who lives with us.

Update: I didn’t do this but I have to say we had a really good Christmas despite this, I literally shopped at the last minute. With any extra money, I would like to start stashing away extra gifts as I really couldn’t do this, this year because of moving mid-year.

Household repairs – Start on household projects little at a time and set aside time and a budget for those expenses. Acquire estimates for a professional to do some items and DIY what you can. Repair and replace items as needed and start seasonal maintenance early such as air conditioning tune-up in the spring and furnace tune-up in the fall.

Update: I have a running list of what needs to be done I am expecting a small amount of money sometime in 2020 so this will help with the things I need to do/update. Update 2: Projects have started! My house is 90% painted, flooring for the downstairs is purchased, the downstairs bathroom is partially updated, wallpaper was removed, air conditioning was fixed, and much-needed landscaping/yard work has been in progress. Still lots of little things to do but some of the bigger things are done that were needed are in progress/completed.

Keep learning something new – Keep learning something new or something you’ve always wanted to do. I know one thing I’ve always wanted to learn was how to sew, I have my grandmother’s sewing machine and I have no idea how to use. #1 also comes into place because it scares me on how to use it. Take a clean or learn from family members who know how to do it. I also want to learn how to decorate cupcakes, cookies, and cakes; I have a piping kit but I really don’t know to use it. I love to make and make things for people as well as gifts, so this is extremely helpful in those situations.

Update: Haven’t done much of this but still in progress but I am slowly learning some things a little at a time.

Invest in what you want – Like what I said above, it’s super important for me to invest in the right tools to help with those. I want to purchase a: Mixer and Chocolate Melter most importantly to make my favorite things. Purchase used when applicable and shop sales for these items. Also, keep a lookout for new things you may want and make a list. If using credit create a payment plan on how to pay those items off.

Update: Still don’t have a mixer or chocolate melter but with any extra free money I plan on purchasing one. Update 2: Purchased a stand mixer but I haven’t used it yet. I haven’t purchased a chocolate melter but I don’t think I will use it as much as I’m thinking I will. 

This list will surely grow and decrease as the year goes on and includes all my personal goals I’m setting for myself. Many of these are something I start creating and implementing now to get a head start.

Professional Goals:  

Focus more on blogging – The last few months of blogging have been on the back burner, I’ve definitely been experiencing burn out and a lack of motivation. I want to have a collection of pre-written materials to be available to post at any time and go with my niche.

Update: Partially, completed. I did create some posts and some are drafts and not completed but I am working on this and regularly posting in the coming year.  

Rebrand the blog – Rebranding is something that’s been on my mind for many years. I think this year I’ve finally squared away my niche and topics. Rebranding is easy in that sense, just coming up with a name is my main struggle.

Update: Done and completed! New brand: Mayhem & Motherhood.

Expand on blogger education – Invest in courses that expand my blogging knowledge and teach new skills that can improve the blog and make me a better blogger.

Update: I haven’t done this much but I am always learning and trying to stay up to date with the newest updates.

Work with the brands you want – I have a list of brands I want to work within the future. I want to feel confident in my ability to work with them and don’t let numbers dictate me or my blog.

Update: I haven’t done this yet as I’ve been inactive most of the year so I will be working on this.

Grow my network – I want to grow my social media channels and improve my page views. I feel like rebranding is going to be a good start, I need to look for groups and pages to share posts in/with.

Update: I didn’t do much of this in the past year and a half but my numbers have fluctuated throughout the last year or so. 

Update blog content – Update theme and old content such as photos, links, and content. Keep them up to date as well.

Update: Still a work in progress…

Create a weekly/monthly blogging plan – Create a plan to delete expiring posts, update photos and broken links, create new content and photos, and an overall schedule, and STICK TO IT!

Update: This is still a goal of mine for the new year and is a work in progress. 

Start an online store – Launch Vinyl & Mesh online store; start photographing and building up product lines. I recently purchased a Cricut vinyl machine and am learning the ropes to create vinyl applique products. The mesh part is handmade decorative mesh wreath of all kinds of seasons, holidays, special events, and more. http://www.etsy.com/shop/vinylandmesh

Update: Store launched, the website launched, Cricut semi-mastered.

Build up the V&M brand – Add more products to the line and build up a local and online following. Start social media channels, also attend craft shows displaying products.

Update: I didn’t really do much of this I kind of stalled mid-year with the move and everything and then before Thanksgiving my listings all expired. However, I did purchase a domain and launch a website so I’ve been working on updating photos, descriptions, etc. 

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