Printable Coupons

There are many different places where you can get coupons, below are some of the places where you can get them.

First off you can now print coupons off my site! Just click here to find coupons to print Hopster, or LOZO coupons!

1. Newspaper inserts – Get one every week and you will have a good stash, some of the best coupons are in the paper.

2. In store and product packaging – Many stores and products have coupon on or inside them

3. Samples – Some times when you request samples they come with coupons

4. Magazines – Great place to find varieties of coupons

5. Coupon sites – Printable coupons are available on the site sometimes it’s the easiest way and it requires no initial purchase:



6. Store Loyalty Card Loading Sites – Website where you can load your coupons on your store loyalty card and redeem them without having coupons on hand:



7. Coupon Clipping Service – Order your coupons in advance to have coupons to match with great sales

8. “Like” companies on Facebook – Alot of pages you can print coupons just by a simple “Like”

9. Visit companies websites – Many companies allow you to print coupons from their websites

10. E-mailing companies – Asking companies is a good way to get extra coupons

11. Trading coupons – Trade coupons with family and friends to get extra coupons

12. Coupon databases – Compressed list of coupons available. You can see my database here