7 ways to help children find their roar

Embracing your culture is important to helping children discover their inner “roar”.

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As a child, I loved watching Disney movies; they were always attention catching, included vibrant colors and taught us something even if we didn’t understand. Now; as a parent I understand the lessons taught in many movies. With the upcoming of the newest Disney and Pixar movie; The Good Dinosaur coming to Blu-Ray, Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere February 23rd it makes us think about how children discover who they are.

The Good Dinosaur, is a heartwarming story about the power of confronting and overcoming your fears while discovering who you’re meant to be. The Good Dinosaur asks the question; how do children discover their inner “roar”.


In the Latino culture, familia is everything; we stay strong and together through the toughest of situations. We also have a strong sense of pride and respect for our abuelo and abuela which is why our generation is more successful at taking care of the previous one. However, sometimes as a child growing up in a large household with a lot of siblings it can be hard to find your inner voice and the strength to believe in yourself.


We all need to find our “roar” especially our children, in our culture, we are known to be strong-willed but we didn’t get that way without finding our voice. However; in order to find our “roar” children need to discover who they are inside and our culture plays a big part in it. At a young age, we instill values and morals of our cultra, that still play a part in our daily lives today. As parents we push our children to become more than ourselves, to find pride in their culture, and to discover their own hopes and dreams.


For my children, having a large family means lots of fun including someone to play with especially with four boys; however, for my only daughter, I often find her quite different than her brothers. She is very sensitive and very strong-willed when she wants to get her way. She knows what she wants and knows if she does well she can achieve anything she sets her mind to. I do often times see her struggling to find her own roar in a sea of boys. However, I can up with some great tips on how to encourage your own children to find their own roar.


Tips for helping children find their ROAR:

Believe in your child – Children are extremely vulnerable and mimic behaviors and actions of the adults around them. If you believe in your child; they will see that and realize they can do anything they set their mind to.

Encourage them – Let them be themselves and explore their world by trying new things. Encourage them to be creative and willing to try new things.

Spend time with them – Give your child one one one time; it will make them feel important and realize their self-worth.

Give praise – Show them you acknowledge their success no matter how big or small it is. Even if their success is little it will make them feel good about themselves and more dedicated to achieving a greater success.

Support dreams – Allow your children to think of their own dreams, and let them know you believe in them that they can achieve it.

Give your unconditional support and love – Showing your child you love them and support their dreams makes no matter what they accomplish possible.

Embracing our culture – Us, Latinos are big on our Hispanic Heritage and knowing “where we came from”. Sometimes, we often “forget” our roots and become in-gulped in the American culture of life. If you show your children that you are proud of your “roots” they will become more comfortable with themselves and proud to say they are Latino.


Movies can teach us a lot about ourselves that we would never have thought possible. Sometimes it takes a friend like Spot to come by to help us discover what we’re really capable of. You can discover the magic of making your roar louder than others with Disney and Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur which comes out on Blu-Ray, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere February 23. Don’t forget you can follow The Good Dinosaur on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for sneak peek and updates are we eagerly await the release of this movie that will surely become a classic in your family.


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