5 reasons you need a InnoTab Max

Need gift inspiration? The InnoTab Max is the perfect gift idea for kids of all ages the holiday season!

**Disclosure: I received this product at no cost in order to facilitate my honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed are those of my own.**

Vtech is the global leader in electronic learning products from infancy to preschool. Vtech was founded in 1976, and their mission stands to design, manufacture and supply innovative. High-quality products for consumers. Vtech is the leader in electronic learning toys with products like the InnoTab, Kid SmartWatches, Cameras and so much more. Their products range from newborns to children up to 9 years of age, Vtech has something for everyone.


In today’s modern age it’s hard to get children to put down the controller or tablet and actually do something fun while still learning. With Vtech, you can find fun toys that children still will enjoy, but you can feel secure knowing that spending all those hours on it results in educational fun. We’re a big fan of learning tablets and we own four other types of tablets. While the children love them, ours are very outdated and do not have all the features of the Vtech InnoTab Max.


The InnoTab Max is for children ages three to nine, it boasts a seven-inch screen and a 1024×600 touchscreen. It also has 8GB of storage space for games, photos, and videos, with the addition of a 32GM SD card. The InnoTab Max is the only learning system that supports cartridges and Android Apps. This Wi-Fi Enabled device is secure with Kid-Safe web experience and has a 2MP 180 rotating camera for recording videos and taking photographs. The InnoTab Max offers a built-in battery with included AC adapter that allows 6 hours of play time. Connect with your smartphone via the Vtech Kid Connect mobile app to keep track of gameplay and wished for games.


As you can tell the Vtech InnoTab Max is an excellent choice for children aged 3 to 9 and I love that ALL my kids can play with it regardless of their age. With additional Vtech cartridges; children can learn Science, Social Studies, Problem Solving, Reading and many more educational fun with their favorite characters including; Paw Patrol, Dora, Spider-Man, Bubble Guppies and many more of their favorite characters. What I love about their games as they offer a wide variety of characters in games because children have more fun playing as their favorite characters all while learning. The InnoTab games are most importantly affordable.

Included with your purchase you get a selection of three bundles of games to start your learning, also included is one of the popular Toca Boca apps! My children love playing with their new InnoTab Max, I like that they can play safe, and educational games that will help improve their knowledge and problem areas in school while remaining fun. Best of all I can add several profiles so each child can play at their own level and customize their “system” how the like. Children also have access to the app store where they are “wish” for apps they want which are sent to your email when you signed up for the Learning Lodge.


I really like toys that all my kids can share and play with and the InnoTab Max is one of those that all the kids love to play and as a mom I know I can let them play it for a while without them losing interest or too much “screen time”. My favorite feature is the included stylus and cover to protect the screen from kid accidents.

So why should the InnoTab Max be on your holiday shopping list?

  • It’s educational; it keeps kids learning at their grade/learning level
  • Customizable; each child can have their own profile and learn at their level
  • It’s fun; children can learn with their favorite characters such as; Bubble Guppies, SpongeBob and Disney
  • WiFi enabled and Android accessible; download select Android apps
  • For children aged 3 to 9; if you have children of different ages they all can play with it

Best of all the InnoTab Max is affordable for parents of small and older children alike and with additional game cartridges and app purchases children and take their love of learning wherever they go this holiday season. It’s highly rated as a most wished for gift and great for holiday travel to keep the keeps entertained. You can learn more about Vtech and their full line of learning toys here. You can purchase Vtech toys in store at stores such as Walmart, Target, and Amazon; and make great gifts for the holiday season.

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