6 reasons you need ENERGY STAR appliances

Save money on bills by just changing your appliances? Say what!?

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When having a large household like mine, laundry seems like an endless and expensive task. However, making all my appliances are ENERGY STAR® certified helps me save on my electric and water bills. That’s why Best Buy is committed to positively impacting our environment and the communities we live in. Best Buy offers a wide assortment of sustainable, energy-efficient products including ENERGY STAR certified electronics and appliances.

6 reasons you need ENERGY STAR appliances:

*Better for your laundry – ENERGY STAR Washers and Dryers make everything better; for your clothes, you, your family and most importantly the environment

*Better for you – ENERGY STAR certified clothes washers and dryers help save energy, which means you’ll save on energy bills, and many are equipped with advanced features that make cleaning and drying easier and more effective

*Better for the environment – Saving energy means that ENERGY STAR certified appliances help protect the climate; which means children and the planet will benefit for years to come

*Better for your clothing – ENERGY STAR washers use a variety of sophisticated cleaning methods which mean they are gentler on your clothes and dryers use less heat and senor dryer which helps reduce the wear and tear on clothing from over-drying.

*ENERGY STAR certified washers and dryers are 20% – 25% more efficient over standard models
*Save over $490 over the lifetime of an ENERGY STAR certified clothes washer and dryer, and with a pair, you’ll save even more

ENERGY STAR washers use 25% less energy and approximately 45% less water than standard models, you’ll also save $45 years on your utility bills compared to standard models. ENERGY STAR washers have multiple configurations, sophisticated wash systems, high spin speeds, no central agitator means you’ll clothing will last much longer.
When you purchase an ENERGY STAR dryer you’ll use 20% less energy vs standard models. If every dryer in the US was ENERGY STAR certified the energy, it would prevent 22 billion pounds of annual carbon pollution; which is equaled to the emission of 2 million vehicles. ENERGY STAR dryers feature low heat settings, steam cycles so you don’t have to iron as much.

Best Buy offers a whole household of appliances that are ENERGY STAR certified, you will save money on every appliance in your home. You can check the full selection of ENERGY STAR certified products here and learn more about ENERGY STAR products by visiting the link here.

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