5 reasons why you need a CUJO firewall

Prevent the home network against hacking with the CUJO smart firewall!

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**CUJO has suspended their firewall service to this device.**

Your home is connected in more ways than you think and as technology evolves soon everything will become online. With many appliances having internet capabilities it means they are more susceptible to hacking. In comes CUJO, CUJO is the ultimate smart firewall for the connected home. It protects all the devices in your home from unwanted intrusions, by bringing business-level security to your home network.

This one device will secure all the devices connected to your home’s WiFi router. CUJO also detects and blocks malicious sites, viruses and hacks. Think of CUJO like the anti-virus for your entire home network, and most importantly CUJO lets you control what your kids access online and helps keeps them safe.

5 reasons why you need CUJO

  • Protects all your devices on your home network – No matter how many devices you have it will protect them all
  • You have kids – Keep an eye on your children’s internet access with easy to use parental controls
  • You worry about hacking – Hacking happens more often than you think. CUJO keeps your devices protected
  • You know nothing about technology – If you don’t know a lot about tech or worry about if your devices aren’t protected enough
  • It’s easy to use – CUJO is SO easy to use! Setup literally takes just minutes and you can monitor everything with the mobile app

CUJO literally sets up in minutes simply by connecting to your wireless router and downloading the CUJO app to your smartphone or tablet. Once you’ve set up the app, CUJO will automatically scan your house for all types of wirelessly connected devices like smartphones, gaming consoles, smart appliances and so much more.

You can even set up profiles for each member of your household and have every device of their’s connected on it. With the parental control option, you can add each child’s devices to their account and manage things like filtering the internet, set time limits, monitor social media, and pause the internet.

Since installing CUJO 2 weeks ago, it has found over 40 threats to our household of 20+ connected devices from computers to tablets all safely secured and threats eliminated. The app alerts me of potential threats and allows me to view what the suspicious website is and what device accessed that particular website.

I highly recommend this product to any household that has a lot of devices connected via WiFi and those who have young children or teenagers. CUJO retails for $249 and you can purchase it from Best Buy. It makes the perfect gift for the connected household this holiday season.

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