5 reasons to shop at Five Below + our Five Below haul!

Do you know that Five Below of the ultimate destination for pre-teens and teens?

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Five Below.

Five Below is the ultimate place for pre-teens and teenagers to shop; they have everything a teen could want from that’s $5 and under. They offer an assortment of sporting goods, fashion accessories and apparel, jewelry, room décor, books, movies, phone accessories and much more.


Last Friday night I took my oldest three children to Five Below; it was the first time we ever been there. I gave each child a $10 gift card to spend on whatever they wanted. When we walked in the store it was filled with goodies for everyone; clothes, Halloween items, phone accessories, toys and other items. Being how children are naturally, they started loading up the cart.


I love that they have licensed products such as Frozen, Shopkins, Minions, and Minecraft; all things my kids are obsessed with! I was honestly impressed with a number of quality items in the store this is NOT your average dollar items and I know some of the items are way more in other stores.


Not only is Five Below a great place for younger kids but for pre-teens and teenagers too. There were lots of teens shopping that night, it’s a great place for parents to give their teen say $20 and leave with a bag full of cool stuff. From unique items to their ever-changing assortment featuring such name brand products such as Disney, Marvel, Despicable Me, Frozen, Hasbro and more.

It’s also a great way to spend a Friday night as a family and pick up a new game or puzzle. Don’t forget that EVERYTHING at Five Below is $5 and under and is the perfect place for teens to shop for gifts for their friend’s birthdays, holidays and beyond. If you have a teenager and want to please their ever-changing style shop Five Below for high-quality items at an extreme value that is conveniently located in shopping centers across the US.


Five reasons to shop Five Below:

  • Everything is $5 or less
  • Find toys, candy, games and much more
  • Licensed products; Despicable Me, Minecraft
  • The perfect place for teens and pre-teens to shop til’ they drop
  • Makes a fun family night event that doesn’t break the bank

As the holidays approach, I know where I’ll be headed for stocking stuffers and candy. Five Below has a HUGE assortment of every kind of candy you can think of! Need to find a location near you? Check out the Five Below website to find a store near you can view trending products you may see in stores now. Check out our Five Below haul below!

We got Minecraft figures and hangers, a Despicable Me shirt, Play-Doh, posters, iPad case, iPhone screen protector, stuffed animal, key folds, hand sanitizer and Shopkins!

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