5 Important Reasons Why You Should Vote

Are you going to vote in this year’s election? If you’re conflicted if you want to vote at all you’ll want to read this post.

Voting is one of the rights, we; as citizens have the opportunity to choose many of our elected officials such as President, Governor, other elected officials including ballot issues like school Levy’s, funding for programs such as drug awareness and many more important issues. The United States is one of many few countries that allow citizens the change to vote in major elections. How would you feel to live in a country where you have no say in who comes into “power”? It would be a very different way of life that’s for sure.

You’re lucky

I know this seems like an odd reason but the United States is actually one of the few “first world” countries that allow citizens to choose their elected officials. This is done by a voting process which we’re all quite familiar with; while not always we can choose who goes on the ballot we can choose who can win.

It’s your responsibility

You’re legally entitled to vote for whichever official you want on the ballot, and you don’t have to justify who or why you’re voting for whom. In many countries mostly Latin American countries; their right to vote is mandatory for all residents of age. If you don’t feel like voting or don’t like the candidates who are running you don’t have to vote, however; if you don’t like the way a local official is running your county, state etc you have the chance to vote for a new person to potentially come into office and possibly change it. Just remember that a long time ago; only men were allowed to vote and now every legal citizen of age is allowed to vote.

Hate the way things are? Change it!

There are always people who are complaining “Well I hate the way Candidate A is running XXX so I am voting for Candidate B”. Well, awesome you may not make a major difference in a presidential election as much as you may like; in local elections, you can really make ALL the difference. Plus there’s more to vote for than just presidential, and local officials. There are many important issues on the ballot; and yes they are important because they would not have made it that far otherwise. If you didn’t help make an impact you can’t complain because you didn’t do your part in helping change it.

You can vote early

In 41 out of 50 states you can vote early; some states you can vote as early as a few days before the election and many as almost a month before! If you can’t vote on election day for whatever reason it may be you can still cast your vote multiple ways. Either vote in person early or submit your absentee ballot in person. There’s still absentee ballot for those who can vote in person as well. To find out if you can vote early and when it ends contact your local board of elections office to find out.

It’s rewarding

Knowing you voted makes you feel special and important; like your voice and opinion matters. Wear your “I Voted” sticker proudly and let everyone know that you’ve voted. Its people like us who vote can make even the biggest of impact on the smallest of things.

One of the reasons I am writing this post is because I feel like this election year is a little different than the past years. Millennials are now the majority of voters and let’s just say they aren’t afraid to speak their mind especially about politics. From just reading comments and posts on various friend’s Facebook pages you can gather who are going to vote for whom. Personally, a lot of my friends don’t seem to like either candidate and are voting for a third party candidate. This year a vote for a third party could really make the difference in opening up the opportunity to have a third party candidate.

I feel really strongly that this could be a possibility if enough people were to vote for one of these candidates. Who are you supposed to vote for when your against either one? Sometimes I wish we could “build” the perfect candidate with all the qualities we think is needed to run an office. I strongly suggest if you’re conflicted on who to vote for don’t just listen to the media on who they want you to vote for. Do your own research and gather your own opinion; there are many websites out there that will compare candidates against each other. See where they stand on hot-button issues like immigration, abortion, and gun control. Do you stand with them? I hope to see everyone in line voting on November 8th if you haven’t already.

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