49 things only 90’s music lovers know

Anytime I listen to Pandora I get a little nostalgic, let’s get nostalgic together!

I am a BIG sucker for pop music, in fact, during my teenage years, I breathed pop music. I am still today, a big music lover of ALL types of music but I still secretly (okay, maybe not so secretly) love music from the 90’s and early 00’s. So what’s a better way to share my ode to these decades than share my love this post?

49 Things Any 90’s/00’s Music Lover Did:

1. Actually buying a physical CD.

2. Going to a record store to buy that CD.

3. Buying multiple copies of the same album to get different bonus tracks only available on CD’s available at that particular store.

4. Buying Teen Beat, J14, and Teen Pop just to score those posters; then plastering them all over your bedroom.

5. Waiting in line for concert tickets (and paying a fortune!).


6. Watching TRL for music videos and getting so pissed when they only played your favorite video for a minute.

7. Writing letters to the “fan club”.

8. Visiting the artist’s official website to find out when the next album is coming out, or tour info.

9. Making mix tapes and having to wait all day for your favorite song to come on the radio to record it.

10. Begging your parents for a CD drive with a burner for the computer.


11. LimeWire/KaZaA/BearShare/Napster.

12. Listening to the radio to hear new songs and discovering new artists.

13. Portable CD players and tape players were your iPod.

14. Running out of batteries in your portable CD player.

15. Having the soundtrack to Disney movies.


16. Being heartbroken when Britney and Justin split.

17. Adding your favorite song lyrics to your AOL profile.

18. Boy bands.

19. Pop Princesses.

20. Dolls made of your favorite pop stars.


21. Recording dance moves and learning the choreography (I SO did this to Britney Spears (You Drive Me) Crazy.).

22. Boom Boxes were your fashion accessories

23. HitClips

24. Buying concert VHS’s

25. When fast food restaurants offered VHS and CD’s


26. Looking up the song lyrics in the CD book

27. Letting musicians feed your fashion taste

28. Buying artist themed clothing

29. Buying artist-branded products (Okay, this one may be the 80’s; think New Kids)

30. You know what a “scrub” and “playa” is


31. Watching Spice World in the theater

32. Using lighters at concerts

33.  Dance moves created by musicians

34. Shedding tears when Biggie and 2Pac died

35. Musical talent lies if they could sing Capella


36. Were you east coast or west coast?

37. Musicians who wrote their own songs and played instruments were so hot

38. Watching the VMA’s JUST for the performances

39. NWA’s song starting police riots

40. MTV News Music updates every 15 minutes


41. The rise of Parental Advisory labels

42. Making The Band & PopStars was the first American Idol

43. MTV’s fake boy band; 2Gether

44. Waiting all night for the musical performance on SNL


45. Those overly priced “music clubs” subscriptions

46. Hating those “club remixed” songs on Friday/Saturday nights on the radio

47. Those pop-ups on PopUp Video always went by so fast

48. Buying CD singles

49. Buying a CD for home and the tape for the car

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