12 items that should never be bought used

There are 12 items that should never be purchased used. Have you ever purchased any of these items used?

With the holidays coming to a close there’s going to be a lot of used items being put up for sale on garage sale groups, eBay and Craigslist selling their older items to enjoy their new upgrades. Find out which items you should and shouldn’t purchase used.


  • Sporting equipment such as helmets, gloves, and shoes for sports (such as cleats) – These are items that should never be bought used. Helmets typically will mold to head even if they appear to find they are used for protection and once there is an accident, it’s over. Helmets and any headwear, in general, should never be purchased because of sweat, lice and other perspiration.


  • Mattresses and Furniture – With the bed bug epidemic at its highest rates these should be avoided to prevent damage to your home and your health. You never know what could be in there. Ew!


  • Child car seats – A child’s safety should never be budgeted unless it’s new and sealed in the box. Child seats are made of plastic and over the years the plastic breaks down due to wear and tear, sun exposure and accidents. Rule of thumb is looking at the expiration date most seats are good for only 5 years while more pricey brands last longer at 7 years a seat should never be used longer than these time frames. I can’t even begin to tell you how many seats I’ve seen on Craigslist. Now of days you can’t trust anyone.


  • Tires – Tires can break down and could have possibly been in an accident. Splurge and spend a little more on new tires safety is the utmost importance especially in your car.


  • Bathing Suits & Wet Suits – Honestly, suits are up to personal preference. I look at it as this I believe for children having a used suit is okay especially if it’s used as a second/backup one. Children typically wear these a few times and then they grow out of them. As for adults not so much, just think of wearing bodily fluids of someone else is weird even if you wash them in the highest temperature setting sometimes that still doesn’t kill all the bacteria this is especially worst in female suits. My opinion: if you must buy a used suit opt for a two piece and ditch the bottoms or if you’re savvy sewer replace the lining with new lining.


  • Cribs – With the change in crib standards selling cribs are difficult because of the US ban on drop-side cribs. Drop down or drop-side cribs are the ones with the site that comes down these are UNSAFE and ILLEGAL to sell. If you see one for sale especially in a local market please inform the seller they might not be aware that these cribs are unsafe even with a stabilizer kit installed to prevent the side from going down is still iffy.


  • Recalled items – This is a big one and I haven’t seen it on a list ever. Not everyone knows every product that was recalled but in today’s society, everyone has cell phone especially smartphones connected to the internet and mobile apps. You could easily look it up and see if it was possibly recalled. Recalled items are prohibited from services such as Craiglist as it violates their TOS (Terms Of Service)


  • Electronics – This includes; laptops, TV’s game systems, DVD players etc. Such items are more suspectable for damage or may not even work. Often times people will sell their dated products that they replaced with new ones. Computers, TV’s and other such devices can be purchased cheaply on sale new or refurbished (meaning re-set and checked to be working by a store or manufacturer). If you choose to buy used do your homework and best before you buy!


  • Footwear – Footwear is commonly sold at garage sales. Footwear should be purchased unless they are new this also goes for boots, heels, sandals and running shoes. Footwear molds to your feet and not two people have alike feet.


  • Bedding, blankets, sheets, window treatments etc….These items should be avoided unless they are new and in a package to be safe from potential bed bugs.


  • Baby Bottles  – Older baby bottles contain BPA which is a harmful chemical used to mold plastic it is recently banned from baby products. Choose newer products or just purchase new bottles they are fairly cheap and you can get a couple bottles for $3 or more. Use coupons for baby products or look for glass bottles.


  • Old dishware, utensils and cookware – Rusty, flaky and plastic cookware, dishware and other utensils should be avoided when shopping used.

Is there anything that didn’t make the list? Have you ever purchased any of these items? Did you have a good or bad experience? Let me know in the comments below

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